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Diane snake lake member of the family is the book and before we go back to the Spahn ranch thing I just want to touch on that mellow yellow part I thought that was so funny that you at one point you in your your girlfriend's Jan and Joan try to get high with bananas yeah well if you will Donovan that made that yeah those dollars in but they're supposedly scraping inside of a banana peel and then you what smoke then what was the deal thank you greatly implies a banana as I recall yeah you know on a cookie sheet there's a menu you know flake dead or whatever you smoked it you are exposed to get high yeah this is funny after I read that part of the book I remember hearing somebody do when I was like in middle school somebody tried to do that but they didn't drive the banana so they couldn't even get it lit I think they missed a whole part of that recipe so the Spahn ranch part of the movie and once upon a time in Hollywood is really just uses who's really creepy was it was it reminded me a lot of of like a really good Twilight Zone episode or something it was just it was a it was so much atmosphere and at night I was so you've confirmed that in fact it you would have had that effect when people you just kind of came out when there was a visitor at the ranch you all kind of came out in congregated and you were saying that the the spawn the house where George Spahn who owned the ranch lived was not up so high there weren't that many steps was it was it was it is dingy and gross as it is in the movie you know it was it was pretty dilapidated but I mean you know like in the movie they show you know a rat caught in that trap in the squealing yeah yeah so it's really filthy dirty yeah and I'm sure that how people think we live but we didn't I mean I think that we improved George's lot you know I think we improved the condition of his house I mean I remember cleaning as refrigerator right you're a bit of a neat freak which I admired about you that you said that when you would get high on acid you actually did stuff like cleaning right now you know it's still let me see the thing is the cleanliness thanks it's funny though but so you and you you said did you know that house needed a woman's touch am I right in I mean I know you slept you say use veal took turns sleeping next to him did you also sleep with him George the old man I I I did take my turn you know like I think we took turns I don't know if you know we we did intercourse of maybe the intercourse with him but I I took my turn giving him head right well yeah so this is the this is the frankness of the story as I had alluded to that there was but that part was a little vague and I was sort of surprised and I don't want to dwell on it but it was interesting because it it didn't it the this idea of all the orgies and all of the stuff that's not a myth it really that was what life was like according to your account inside the Manson family it's not exaggerated it doesn't seem it sounded like it was your new normal right we we you know we kind of did you know regularly I I don't know I don't think it was weekly we took acid pretty much weekly we smoked pot you know daily and you know we may be dead the orgy Lovin thing you know every other week yeah maybe every every week occasionally but it works on it what you know wasn't a constant thing and then Charlie orchestrated that you know he he passed out the tabs of acid like with the sacraments and then you know he kind of start taking off his neighbors sure and then one thing on the record it was everybody took off the next person sure didn't you know I mean it you know I did that I mean also I can describe it is the way I experienced no no I think that I don't remember it being like this total why old you know fever pitch or do you know right he I don't remember it that way but that put me people might view it differently so it but you also at this time when you were so enamored of him and you work fully under his spell you had also already experienced his wrath he had he had hit you I'm he had it you I think a couple of times by the time you got to the Spahn ranch and if you didn't like that but you were like everybody else you're sort of condition to to try to make Charlie happy end so you were very mood conscious I thought that was a very interesting that you lot of your day perhaps much like a lot of abusers would relate to was spent trying to gauge the mood of their but the person that was abusing them so you you had some clues and you I read an account that somebody else had said that you were the most hit person in the family but I don't know that I had heard you say that in the book do you agree with that assessment you know it is starting to come out that he hit a lot of the girls but not publicly so I think that you know if he can use it as a tool I don't feel like he totally took out like his anger fury on it was more disciplinary but in a kind of twisted way right I mean this is how people right this is exactly in that I mean I remember I you know he'd get slapped me when we were like in New Mexico because like you know I I actually just want you know Hey you know you need some food or you know and he was had a toothache or something and he just you know I spoke out of turn or whatever and and got slapped and then but it's not like he beat me and then the then the next episode I remember you know the extension cord I remember like winking at me you know like you know yeah I I'm doing I make in this example of field you know go go with that kind of thing so every time there was you know in my mind you know he had mitigated it wasn't just you know I I wasn't the recipient of you know on controlled rage and fury there was a reason for it and so I think that's why I accepted that well it's not it's not okay no in India its not okay and I and I and I know that now but this is my perspective then I you know I I try to go back to where I was then and and you have both sides using your father hit your mom so in a lot of ways it already was a pattern that probably just did already in your mind is being a little bit is acceptable in some way and and sorry would you know he will a shot him as he was based on you know women are supposed to submit to the husband thing is he so much for new thinking he's so yeah so but in a way falling out of favor with Charles Manson really save your life yes explain how your your life your entire future pivots on the fact that you're eat your he's mad at you or he's ostracizing you a little bit right I mean I was able to stay in the desert and I didn't I came back with Bobby both play and Charlie was very ill and the whole energy and the whole kind of the the main thrust that was going on the family at that time was totally different than I had ever seen previous he was really in areas really trying to gather supplies you know convert Volkswagen Beetle them to do but he is the vehicle indeed in dune buggies he had incorporated the straight satans which is like a motorcycle gang out of P. me valley into our family you know and they provided guns and knives and and mechanical services to convert these vehicle since it didn't buggies and it's just you know with like this frenetic energy to try though they weren't doing good and you know he was he I remember he hold hello my fingers and other people's fingers over flames the candle is like too conditional to not feel pain and it was just in and I from the time I left the desert with Bobby I felt like of kind of like a salmon swimming upstream but not on but I was going no I was going in the wrong direction his eyes rocks the trees everything was calling out to me that I'd made a mistake and when I got to the Gresham street which I didn't know anything about Gresham street because I thought we were going to go to Spahn ranch in Gresham street with you know like a mile or two from Spahn ranch in Canoga park and he was just furious with me I'm taking you back to your parents going to find your parents on taking back your parents and he did find them and he did take me back there and at that point I been literally too long heard too many of those songs that's all I had going on in my head and I just felt again rejected a my parents were now my mom had not re married but you know she and my dad would definitely separated them you know she was with another man and they were like boarding parents for an alternative high school so they had all these other kids my same age basically living with them and I just I just felt crazy I mean I wanted to jump on the roof of the house I'm up on the roof of the house when you out old Charley's talk you know about living in a garbage dump and all and I mean it was I just felt crazy I mean I really felt crazy your programs yeah I was and so I I went back to Charlie because but I did sense that I felt comfortable but you know I mean I felt at in juxtaposition to to being in a like a more normal you know society whatever I just felt crazy and so I went back to Charlie and then he took me days Gary Hinman and I live with Kerry him in for a week or so and and then I got Gary Hinman to take me back to the Spahn ranch and the family really didn't live there anymore I think I think when that was still taken care George in the main house but the back how you know with another commune that is kind of moved in so the crazy it was a crazy time and eventually apparently Charlie took me back but I was never part of the like inner circle I was just kind of like hanging on you know to the friend you know taking care of babies doing you know doing housekeeping cleaning or whatever but and the other girls were going on these creepy crawly missions and it was just a weird it wave this everything was weird enough I've had my head screwed on you know I would have right out of there I did so the it is the tragedy of Bobby beau soleil will we probably won't have time for but it job and even you know that all the names you mentioned are familiar to people that know that story and know that era let let me ask you about you so you weren't included in any way you weren't even discussed you don't have to get out of any of those creepy crawly things where they committed the horrible crimes at at add to the the the Tate mansion to the Polanski mansion or or it at the la Bianca house you weren't involved with that did you when did you suspect that murder was part of the Manson family agenda when did you start to feel like there's a much darker side to this it might my fears are unfounded it wasn't until we were at I'd woke up one morning to Leslie burning.

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