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Now there is upside. Restaurants are grateful that patrons air coming back and that business is booming again. Also, according to two decades of research from the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day remains the top holiday for dining out in a beautiful day to do just that today. On CBS's face the Nation this morning. Treasury Secretary Gina Raimondo disputed the claim by some Republicans that Friday's disappointing jobs report was because extended unemployment benefits were keeping people from looking for work. She also said there were many other factors at work. Reality is we have fallen behind with our investments in the economy. And people are still struggling Women in particular, still struggling to find affordable child care to break down some of the barriers necessary to find a job to have access to the skills. They need to get a good job again. That's the new Treasury secretary, Gina Raimondo. Where does she find the time? A lot of people are asking? Senator Elizabeth Warren is out now, with another new book, She spoke of WBZ TV. Is John Keller about it. Here's more from WBZ, Suzanne. Hospital. In her new book persist, Warren talks about her life, her politics and her run for president in 2016. She also talks about corruption in Washington. She says it was around long before Trump got there. The corruption I'm talking about is the corruption about the influence of money. How it is that the things that the rich and powerful want in Washington the big tax cuts the deregulation. Oh, They get heard changes get made, she says. Money is drowning out our democracy, and Warren was asked if she's running for re election to the Senate in 2024. Joe Biden is running for reelection. I plan on helping him and I plan on staying in the Senate. That's a yes Suzanne Saz Ville WBC Boston's NewsRadio developing story to tell you about Churchill Downs has suspended Bob Efford, the trainer of Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit. This action coming after the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission reported that the horse tested positive for drugs after the race..

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