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Dot f._m. Ford slash jay dash small because i don't remember member what episode number this will be where we're running away ahead which is fantastic but it also means. I have no idea what about from a sales philosophy standpoint they do is there. Is there a particular approach that you subscribe to order this kind of central to the the way that you tackle this yeah so so john barrows actually talked about this a lot to where he doesn't really believe in sales methodologies anymore. He's more of an agile cellar where you take him bits and pieces from other different print sales methodologies. Now i'd agree with that so you know i've listened to the challenger sale and gap selling and the spin selling the sandler sales and all latte stuff and i think it's important to be able to take bits and pieces from all of those but at the end of the day sales very human thing and when you try to make it too structured richard and to methodical and to like by the book i think that you start to miss some of that human element so i think it's important to understand the principles of all these different philosophies but at the end of the day i think that the most successful sales people can take bits and pieces as needed depending on the type of person that they're dealing with levitt levitt. I talk about that a lot and and you described. It may be better than than i do. I think that's exactly the common theme across all these different interviews as is i. I like the idea of it being agile right. It's it's not you're never done right. You're wrong always continuing to develop and continuing to learn and continuing to bring being in and tweak and refine get better and better and better as you do this but it's not you know that this is the model that i use and i'm this kind of robot right so so what about what about your style sort of in that agile approach. How would you describe your style so i was thinking about this. I don't really know style wise. How how i would describe it other than just being authentic. I think it really comes down to your authenticity. When you're talking with people so you've gotta be able to relate to people you've got to be relatable bowl and you've just got to understand you know the type of person you're dealing with what their goals are. You know what their passion is and that'll really help you to determine women. You know what approach you take with that sale because you know at the end of the day you wanna be a trusted adviser for somebody in our case we wanna be somebodies business partner because can you take us on his your i._t. Company that's literally what we are where an extension of your business and we want to help you grow and we want to help support that growth and we want to be there for you as your partner. The only way that we're able to really work together on that type of a level is by being truly authentic so this is a big topic. These days and i absolutely agree with this. What does that mean though so for you specifically like when you think about being authentic. How does that manifest yeah so i think a lot of it comes down to really is being yourself with people and and not trying to again it kind of goes back to one more qualifying prospects and disqualifying prospects. Don't try to fit you know a square peg through a round hole. There's some business relationships that won't really be good relationships and if you can identify those at the beginning and stay away from those i feel like that's one of the best ways to be authentic is the work with people that you know and want to work with by just being yourself because if you're trying to put on a mask or be this the type of person or this type of organization for one company and then being a whole different person for somebody else it's just not sustainable and it's not good business at the end of the day you wanna be able able to truly be yourself around your clients and truly know that you're not putting on some sort of a facade when you're working with these other companies out there nice nice nice nice sites..

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