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States today while sharing a stage. With the acting attorney general Mr. Trump said he's nominating someone else for the full time job. I am nominating. As Matt said William Maher to take the helm as our new attorney general's outstanding man William Vare, surrogate attorney general under George H W Bush. He's been critical of the special counsel's investigation into Russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election and in an op Ed publicly defended President Trump's decision to fire. Former FBI director James Comey by first choice from day one this staff shakeup comes one day. After former secretary of State, Rex Tillerson told CBS news is Bob Schieffer. He had to rein in the president. And I'd have to say to him. We'll miss president understand what you wanna do. But you can't do it that way. Violates the law violates treaty today. Mr. Trump tweeted, Tillerson was dumb as a rock and lazy as hell. President Trump also announced today he plans to nominate State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert to serve as ambassador to the United Nations to replace Nikki Haley, the decision quickly. Drew backlash. Democrats called our unqualified pointing to the former Fox News anchors lack of experience in foreign policy. Jeff, okay. We just thank you very much court documents released today contain bad news for two former members of President Trump's inner circle is ex lawyer Michael Cohen and one time campaign chairman Paul Manafort, today's filing gives us new insight into Robert Muller's special counsel investigation. Paula Reid is covering this. Michael Cohen was spotted in New York today shortly before federal prosecutors told the judge he deserves a substantial prison term in a case involving campaign finance violations. Prosecutors did not advocate for leniency because they allege Coen's crimes reveal a man who knowingly sought to undermine core institutions of our democracy in order to profit personally. The president's former personal attorney had also been cooperating in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election in a separate memo to the judge lawyers from the special counsel's office say Cohen met with them seven times and provided useful information about discreet. Russia related matters core its investigation, they also reveal Russia reached out to the Trump campaign as early as November two thousand fifteen offering a political synergy and proposing a meeting between candidate Trump and Vladimir Putin this morning in anticipation. Of the filings. President Trump on Twitter again called the special counsel investigation. Eight total witch hunt he vowed to release his own report to rebut Muller's findings..

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