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War in Afghanistan has been going continuously now for eighteen years primarily of course between the US and the Taliban, but over the last year we've been reporting attempts by the US and the Taliban to reach a peace to get the US out hopefully in the name of saving lives I really believe the Taliban wants to do something to. Show that we're not always being time. Well. On Friday the New York Times reported that amid these peace talks, Taliban fighters were being offered cash to kill American troops, not being offered by their commanders, but by Russian spies, a military official has now confirmed this account to ABC News without. Let's go to Colonel Stephen, Ganor. A former marine and State Department official now a contributor to ABC colonel gathered the sounds like essentially a bounty system. Right? What do we know about it? It is about system, or at least we knew what we believe is a bounty system, Brad, and the scary thing is, it's been going on apparently since throughout two thousand. Thousand and nineteen, so it's been going on for quite a while being run by Russian intelligence, you know the US and Russia for years during the Cold War have trained proxies to fight the other country, but when you directly pay somebody whether it's criminals or the Taliban to kill Americans that crosses the line into a war crime, and so that would make Russia look much worse, but should it be surprising over all that Russia would want to beef up this conflict. Right because I'm you know if a couple of American soldiers get killed? All of a sudden you got more calls from the states to you know we can't leave now. He can't give. The Alabama satisfaction and we have to stay will. Russia would love that. They love to see America I in a quagmire right. Russia loves to see US. Troops killed in faraway lands. they themselves paid a terrible price in Afghanistan for their incursion. Superpowers aren't supposed to lose. As Vietnam was for us. Afghanistan has been a sobering experience for the Soviet Union and so they're paying back. The US, but they're doing it in a way. That's that's illegal by common law and it's Terry terribly destablizing to the to the relationship navy briefed told me Vice President, pence, or chief-of-staff Mark Meadows about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians, he tweeted. Can you walk me through the US response because the? The white. House didn't say yes. This happened. No, this didn't happen. Instead they just said the president and the vice president were never briefed on this. But what is that supposed to mean right? The reporting we're seeing is that this was known as early as January been passed up the chain, common knowledge by the chief stationed in Kabul. Lead to the CIA station, so people had to know the CIA had no. We know that the national security. Security Adviser chaired a meeting in March to discuss the issue so at least the national. Security Adviser knew why the president didn't know that hard to fathom. The director of national intelligence is denying that the president knew about it, but he's not denying the intelligence so either. The president knew and didn't do anything or didn't know which could even be more problematic for the White House reporting says that the President's Daily briefing that big intelligence book. Book of the highest secrets of the US has put in front of the president every day had this intelligence in it now other presidents, it or it got pulled by somebody before it got to him. That's a question, but certainly as national security adviser knew about it why it wasn't raised to them. It's hard to say with him. All Roads Lead to Putin. He will. Not I know what the Russians have on the president politically personally. Financially or whatever it is think about what's happened since we've known this. The president has invited Mr Putin to the White House, and the president has pushed for Russia to join the g seven, and by the way getting along with Russia's a great thing getting along with Putin and Russia's a great thing hard to square that with knowing that these trying. They're trying to kill her. SAS need our troops neff Ghanistan illegally. and. So that's the big question. I WanNa ask you Colonel Kanye does what does this then say about the US Russia relationship, and whether that dynamic is different from the Putin trump relationship. From from a political perspective, there's only so much you could ignore. And this is going to be hard for the president to ignore, but there's a bigger question here Brad and that is the unit that is doing this a unit in the in the intelligent part of the Russian military gru, not the KGB, but the GRU call to nine one one five, and this unit is designed to create instability in Europe. They've already been tied to assassination attempts to coup attempts, and apparently they're the ones that are providing the money here Britain blames Russia for the we spy poisoning now it's emerged the same Russian. Military Intelligence Unit allegedly targeted UK. UK and other NATO forces in Afghanistan so all this ties back to a very shadowy Russian military intelligence units, the doing things to disable is not only Afghanistan, but in Europe which means this isn't gonNA. Go Away soon because it involves far more than just the United States, and for what it's worth. The Russian government and the Taliban continued to deny any of this happened president trump tweeted last night. He was never informed about this. Because intelligence officials didn't find the information credible. What we do know is this made it to top intelligence and military officials, and yet the commander in chief says not to him Colonel Your. Thank you, thank spread. In one last thing Godzilla his arrived. The hazy skies in the southeast. Some of that's a tribute to that. DASA came off of Africa earlier this week. This minute heard about this gigantic dust storm. Sahara Desert Nafta will in recent days it is arrived in the US and the scale of all of this is actually hard to wrap your mind around, so here's how it works every year around June. Monsoon winds kick up a ton of sand from the Sahara. Remember the desert is the size. Size of the US Manland, so there's a ton of Santa kick up this year. Scientists say was an amount. They haven't seen in decades. When the plume gets high enough, it starts to ride. The trade winds come miles above the ocean can travel almost five thousand miles in three days this year. The winds have been so strong that African dust could arrive in the mid west, it's been known to carry tiny particles, but think about it also bacteria from. Even live. Locusts have been caught up in the journey before air quality in Atlanta today. The Carolinas Louisville as well. The biggest concern here for Americans is poor air quality respiratory infections, but there are some good things to come out of this to those winds actually help replenish soil in the south. American rainforest. They reverse erosion on Caribbean islands. Importantly they can also help counteract tropical storm winds meaning fewer hurricane southeast in the meantime all that hazy AIRF- means people along the Gulf coast are seeing some incredible sunsets. Reason stay inside for a hot second. 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