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Called off practice today on the heels of last night's boycott that scrapped the MBA playoff schedule and three MLB games. Reports say N. Ba players do want to continue the season Richard Lap dickheads, the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, just miles away from the N B. A bubble of Disney World Lap, Chick says MBA players can have more of an impact by resuming the games rather than walking away. If they stay here, the attention is going to be focused on the embassy, where be watching the court every night that says Black lives matter. We're going to be interviewing athletes are going to be talking about what's going on in the country lap, Chick says playing well. Is that a better opportunity to keep the discussion going? Peter King. CBS NEWS Orlando The Trump campaign, says President Trump will touch on unrest in cities in tonight's convention speech, and he will say at no time before have AIDS voters faced a clearer choice between two parties to visions to philosophize or two agendas. Government says more than a million people filed claims for unemployment benefits last week, Bank great economist Mark Cameron says it's further evidence our jobs comeback has stole. This has persisted for 23 straight weeks with no obvious and insight, and this is very much in contrast to the everything is fine theme of this week's Republican National Convention. Big change from the Federal Reserve, indicating it will keep interest rates near zero even after inflation has exceeded the 2%. Get level that boosted stocks today for awhile. Abbott stock is going up. The government approved its rapid Covad test right now the Dow is up 64. This is CBS News. Presented by Rocket mortgage need to know what it takes for a home loan to fit your budget and your family.

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