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That's Camilla Kobe on my top one oh seven one I think entertaining my own mind what the that from dinosaurs that number will baby dinosaur in dinosaurs Ryan you know to tell yeah I just want to know how your brain got there that's what I'm more curious about yeah me it all the all the wires are disconnected it's like in a movie seems like an action movie scene when they go into a power plant in the there's just want to live wires around yeah nothing makes sense there's no reason you won't you can't piece it together I had not been thinking about dinosaurs at all at all and I don't know where in the heck I came from listening Connecticut if you watch dinosaurs though in hindsight which I don't know if it's available streaming anywhere but it is almost exactly family matters like the the data dinosaurs is Carl Winslow from family matters Steve oracle show a lot of so shooting Los thanks Steve anything else anything else that you guys I just want to let you know that Meghan Markle's first post royal gig has been getting out farms down from critics I thought the devil is in her is her debut just something with Disney nature or something like that or is this a full blown acting she narrates that she narrates the movie called the elephant it's a documentary and it'll hit streaming services let's see on Friday so the movie follows a family of elephants on an eight month trek across the Kalahari desert and at the times of London is saying that she traded pomp and circumstance for schmaltz and cheesiness empire is being her narration came off as over eager to please dramatizations variety is saying that the theme of elephant is rather dry for a movie intended to shed light on ivory poaching hi he called her narration and inviting version of the whole somebody mused Disney narrator sings song Ryan loves Ryan is too much pleasure out of it the telegraph called Markle a fine fit as the narrator there's one so if you recall Meghan Markle reportedly accepted this gig in return for a donation to that on its foundation elephants without borders so maybe she worries over person yeah I mean listen she's gotta love her voice before on on you know just on suits I loved her and loved her in suits it doesn't feel like maybe people are quick to one of the cashier and she's now writing she's reading well what fallible ticks yeah that is my favorite one of all time okay fabletics they're gonna be coming out by the way it's April so get your dog his next guard thank you the worst kind they're the worst kind of analytics yep federal tax okay so I'm I have a rumor about the Mandalorian the one here at all when you got home this I think is likely Jamie Lee Curtis might be in season two of the Mandalorian what do you think we don't even know if it's good he I think she was at the location of filming for the show so wow that's a rumor okay I'm just gonna I'm just gonna leave it out there I will you know it's funny when you look back in a minute learn remember the after mentioned Nick Nolte well to you isn't it right idea that was Nick Nolte yeah it was it was he was a okay man guy he was a monkey man the the guy with the Giles yes a little short monkey man guy who wrote on the big dinosaur speaking of Dinelson waiting for it now he's hitting his dad this baby dinosaurs hitting his dad with a frying pan on the head yeah Nick Nolte's character's name was real he was an organized yeah yeah we know what happens as we all know yeah he was just up in that outfit I did see that bill bill Burr is making a return in season two that I remember I help bill Burr bug bug Ryan because of the Boston accent yeah I just noticed that he was in a make up or anything it was just his body just went was he the one who was mean to My Baby now you know he was the one I was made to my baby Yoda okay because I don't like that night he appeared as in the same episode as a one of the guys from sons of anarchy with the long beard okay I just couldn't shake the fact that I'm not seeing bill bill Burr and this guy from sons of anarchy and it kinda screwed with my disbelief of what I'm watching right now yeah because he's probably one of those people you can't separate you know how you compartmentalize your friends and I'm not into that with the them Steve what do you do if you like of Seinfeld was was in like okay and of all the planets in the galaxy we get this guy from Boston is what what cases he's from Boston right like that but accidents you know who I really do like though it was Amy Sideris who is remembered straight she watch the baby while he was out you know the only protected him very well because those other guys were punching baby out in that little duffel bag and sometimes the great protector yeah those guys were punched in they both died in they could kill yeah totally I don't really remember yeah I like to watch the Mandalorian all over again really no not if you know what I miss that's a that's a fair point but you know you're also kind of going for whatever your comfort shows are whichever shows kind of make you feel because I always felt cozy when that show was on in the music the music was just so like every time the Mandalorian started and we hear the music just like all right get cozy on the couch we're here for the next fifteen minutes and it's just going to we're going to a galaxy far.

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