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Was a paper boy. Nice for about six or seven years. Did the morning paper single-use a week. The older review. I guess i started when i was around ten and i did it. I probably did it for about four or five years now. There was the had to have it done by six thirty in the morning. And then i would go to school after that so it was a little you know one of the that was my first job and then I worked up north in my dad's mining camps actually as a teenager and spent a lot of summers even as young as grade one was a northern scotch. Ruin exploring for uranium back in the seventies nineteen. Seventy eight was my first Mining camp experience as little guy. And then i started working in these caps when i was seventeen eighteen and that's Right around when. I started taking snowboarding seriously than i. I was hired on as a coach after that to coach summer camps for greg kelly and his summer camp set black com- whistler blackcomb. How old were you when you won the gold. So how are even how. When did you start making money in snowboarding to the point where you thought. This could be a career so when i was fifteen. I started snowboarding when i was sixteen. I was sponsored Three or four different companies burton snowboards. At you know. I already had ski racing. I wasn't getting any frequent. We were paying for everything. And then as soon as i started because i ski race until i was fifteen and then i i found snowboarding and gave up ski racing much to my dad's chagrin and Gave it up and started. Snowboarding and then by the next year was sponsored. Competing was sponsored by burton. Snowboards oakley sunglasses and Almost another so as your cross concert and getting some money in and then right up until the olympics in after the olympics. Did you work at anything else. Or is it strictly in snowboarding or you know in winter sports yay i was able to just Actually know what what i did when i was nineteen.

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