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To be also as a leader in the world this perfect time by the way for the un to step in i'll be waiting a long time i think for that to have any good result or good conclusion senator ben cardin was brian nieman this morning and here's what he had to say about what the united states should do well i the international community needs to respond you cannot allowed us september weapons by president assad of syria to go on challenge i would hope that we would follow real on a resolution that either with senator rubio by parts of resolution to bring president assad to a war crimes tribunal these are war crimes they are we'll do a long time for that though but you do have the feeling that there's this overwhelming sense from really both sides the united states needs to do something now president trump inherited this mess but he is now the president this is on his watch and how the united states should respond more from senator cardin i believe we need to respond at us leadership with the international community a very measured way and a way that has appropriate approval process and support we'll get new appropriate approval in a moment here by going to quit senator cardin said it's kind of what i'm saying and we don't always align but it's like the feeling this is so wishy washy as far as foreign policy goes but this is the reality of our world right now you have to do something you've really talked to talk we can't stand by and be by standard from something like this happens but darn it we know there's really no good endgame to this so something quote measured is the best course of action what does that mean just flexing muscles for a few moments and then we'll leave what does that mean they gotta be very careful about a regime change the president's start is lost all the tournaments the to be the president of syria you should be in the hague for work lives but as far as the united states interfering until it civil or that dumping that i would not support of american military take sides in the civil war in syria you wanna talk about walking a line and a very thin one at that you're talking about doing something for doing something sake just because we're america just because we have to because.

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