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15 teams plus two grand prize winners will win a half a million dollars. They could Toward their dream home. Don't miss your chance to win the rules and enter for free right now. And rocket mortgage squares. Calm, then tune in on February 7th to see if you bring home some dope. Rocket mortgage. Official mortgage sponsor of Super Bowl 55 No purchase necessary legal residents of 50 u. S and D. C of age of majority ends to 4 2021 11 59 PM Eastern equal housing lender licensed in all 50 States and molest number 30 30, the NFL entities as defined in the official rules of that offer response with this promotion in any way. Follow data on Twitter, the lash official Dana Lash on Facebook's and now all of the news. You would probably miss It's time for Dana's quick five. Brought to you by Caltech. Why you're doing this to my favorite food, macaroni and cheese in my favorite food, and so now not necessarily craft because you know, times and I'm still not over that. But they have a pink Mac and cheese for Valentine's Day, and it tastes like candy. Don't ask me what kind of candy it tastes like. I don't know what pink taste like It tastes like pig candy, And they said that it comes from actually. The vibrant you according to the crest looks person comes from beet root and care character concentrates, and they just dump a packet of high fructose are free trolls, natural flavors and some vanilla extract in it to make it peak. Just get some die and diet paint get you some food coloring. Still wanted to taste like Mac and cheese. Those Yeah, like you would just get food coloring and do it. I mean, they get squinting to make screening processes. Do it like that. I just I don't want the money. Oh, what? You gonna be roasting with the flavor of that system? Valentine's Day Treat A power nap. Recharges the brain improves mental sharpness lowers your risk of dementia..

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