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Dot com the only answer like that yet yes you brought it up but yeah seven hundred WLW yeah we want you to be a part of the show the here we've got everyone's got a story together with any fingers in this afternoon at three and seven hundred W. M. W. you know western and southern on the leadership of John Baird is taking another leadership role in elevating ride Cincinnati which is a community of writers virtual writers and volunteers each making a commitment to defeating cancer since it's founding in twenty oh seven events raise three point three million for cancer research but now it's not the new level because westerners southern is paying basically all the expenses Sir every dollar raised by rights Cincinnati riders go directly toward lifesaving cancer research one of every two men and one of every three women in greater Cincinnati will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life this is a crucial time in the fight against cancer and western and southern is stepping up its involvement in community events the rally support and raise the money necessary to improve cancer outcomes right here in the tri state it's summertime which means it's concert season start your night out with some Bacardi cocktails before heading this weekend's concert with your crew make sure to grab a bottle of Bacardi and add some levity the poor of the most refreshing drink.

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