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From our perspective it's not only hard to understand it it's being manipulated across the board and it becomes much more behavioral issue than an actual growth issue and we need to know especially in south east asia how markets will ultimately be influenced materials sector also energysector also for example game theaters we have an asian game theory there that's really an focused on the us china japan south korea taiwan vietnam all of the negotiation of trade and south china sea issues are important incinerations there we have a european union game theater that focuses on the be the uk spain italy france germany that does kind of a little bit of the populism consideration in it but not necessarily just populism it's really their influence negotiations and things like brexit or alternatively the application of a broad your european monetary union central bank policy against what some of the national central banks may want to do and then in places like spain in italy where are populist influences relative to what's going on in germany how do we actually deal with those how is house what's going on in italy going to affect what's happening in france and germany for example and then the last one i mentioned already was the middle east game theater and there were really focused on trying to understand the influence of all the gamesmanship negotiations in engagements there on the oil price and what it means for various positions that are supposed to oil and that could be currencies as well as just the energy sector that's kind of what we're looking at the broad factor that's good that's a lot so tell me a little bit about the process so you know your team's been together for a long time and i'm sure y'all have this refined but it might be useful for the listeners to think about you know where you say look we're kind of driven by fundamentals and for equities and.

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