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We did TV show earned. told us the record I mean I had no idea when we're doing that was going to be an awful. Oh. Really. Yes TV show actually have this tony or barely hear what we. You know we just. Album and and It was it was interesting. I mean you know it was. For me. It was cool because touring was a large tour with. Lots of people yeah. And that was interesting and. It was. Felt freer. To a little more freedom involved in it until. It was exhausting. Yeah my wife is getting she. She was pregnant with little to the time. Yeah Oh, my Gosh I remember when that thing aired. I sat there and I recorded it on my VCR. And I just sat there glued to it the entire time it was. A good show all had a Walkman Oakland. Copy of Brian Jane Soup. STUNNED MAPLE A friend of mine in. Great, Taylor. Conscientious. He's like A. Video. Played or so that was that was Kinda. I to go back and look at the now. Really. Sakina in real terms jump Jan should have done it. Yeah I know exactly what you're saying and. I can't fit into what I was wearing when I was watching it so. So after that whole. Gain of an album came and went and the hype. That We. Told that that they're gonNA be doing the walking into Clarksdale album how I mean how what was the time? It conical complication it again because we did that all that was all. Great and then the idea was okay. Now we go. Rhythm session will be Jimmy may cool go and make an all roy, make it on. So then I find myself in the situation. Of. Being. The bind really very short period short time to year paying being in a bind robot Janine Michael. Jeez. Roy Seeing that record and that was. A A mixed blessing really. Yeah. Yeah. In it away in a way because it was a very. Is Great Nation that record, but it was Liberal Cherries really was it was an intimidating on working with with the two of them. No never. Very, read no, it never fell into the day to end work in these irs. Any Tonight I never a felt. intimidated. By the situation I just felt you know. Sometimes votes. It could have been better. Okay. But the. Judge. Three. Bean But. The thing about it is you have to understand when you're in a bond A. Starts Finish in above and beyond Newton. Exposure autistic creative. Three. That's fun. That's fantastic. People what role? Statue Dale. Still your bosses. Ultimately, you are still being paid to do. Joel. Even though you he's very. He was very generous in. Generous. As human being and a bowl CD's generous nevertheless is not like are never saw. Accurate. Objectively, about what was doing and because I had this objects if he. How To? On KUNA. Very much so. TO BE A to. Contribute in also was right because you know the end of the day is pagent. Page. Jugs and Lee Right. Yeah. Actually, for me much better I if they said Oh rob, we'll get off who's patient car at something else. I mean you know so you know I was. Dipping in that situation with with the history of the buying individuals working for specially also being the situation was. Original bond is his base by and become his son-in-law. Easy wasn't easy. I can imagine. Yes. Exactly. Say go very intense very intense but. MOINA saw I'm up for. Anybody. Just bring on. That's the way it happens. You know that's what happened record. Hudson. Great stuff on vk saying yeah not saying. Working Steve Opini was. FANTASTIC HE'S A. Great Great I wanted to ask you a little bit about that because I've heard from other people who've worked with that. He basically, let's artists just go like this. He records it and that's the way you sound you know if. There's not a whole lot that he. Does other than let the artists sound like themselves. Well, Gina I'm just to do that. itself is an awesome. Yeah. Yeah He you know the The Way Artists Essay, you let artist to what he or she wants to do. You take care of higher signs. The the presented is presented slot the difference between saying work at your. Deal saying but actually I think on their made this waltz color. No. Oil Painting? The you know the way something sang's into the way it's recorded types of and moving. The touch. How it's engineered has a great. Impact on how these are communicated. Okay. Any out a great deal to do with and he was cool. You know he's I like. I like. All void with the songs and the album group effort because you. Know you you help right please.

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