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Are open today wednesday tomorrow thursday friday saturday the rope until five p m it's the honeycomb color building hence the song we go out on honeycomb color i love it because they have home decor have furniture they have art they are things that are a few bucks they of things that are thousands of dollars its allegations against that you can afford based on your price bracket and income bracket trust me they have they have moonstruck chocolates homemade at a portland they have said dickens tiles at a vancouver by the way original tiles very selective they of those orthopedics surgeons from the south invented bone dr hence the name barbecue sauce literally my favor barbecue sauce ever and i've had like fifty of them i may not be rick miller can with rib cooking and and drying that i know my barbecue sauce bone doctor is the best day a cell that and you're thinking is that a grocery store no it's a boutique then they've got the that the art from from i'm talking to europe from asia from south america they've got women's ladies have payroll they've got vases they've got kitchen culinary snow leopard boutique but please go to that facebook page and please go to that candle the go g to roku orange candles say huge dredge handle you could win and like i said you can't see i didn't tell ya like the facebook page scroll down and just a couple of days ago share the post check tag of friend and you'll be entered a win while they're going to announce said on the 24th black friday they'll drawn you don't even have to be there though so remember it's honey coq color building snow leopard boutique good morning this is on it is these the call this is live and local with tom anderson at the border jet ab dembosky began for news kvnt 1020 am and ninety two point five fm cbi media group station prayer it seems is no longer a politically acceptable response to.

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