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At seven oh one it's forty seven degrees mostly cloudy tonight mild with scattered showers and thunderstorms a little forty three from the W. T. M. J. breaking news center I'm Tony Badak pulls in the badger state will officially be open tomorrow for the state's presidential primary the state Supreme Court overturning an executive order today signed by governor reverse which would have delayed the election until June ninth the governor's reason I've been advised by public health experts that despite the corolla Cafritz there's not a sufficiently safe way to administer in person voting tomorrow fevers now saying they'll have to do all they can to ensure that the polls are safe though he's unsure how it's it's possible in places like Milwaukee which will be dropping from an estimated one hundred and eighty polling sites to just five Republican assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke he tells W. T. M. J. he hopes is the state supreme court's ruling signals the end of the debate really department to see how this all this has transpired over the last few days especially since we have been trying to be a deferential as we can the governor over the course of a few weeks left of summer in the declaration of been going on the U. S. Supreme Court also ruling in a separate lawsuit changing the rules for absentee voting all absentee ballots must now be postmarked by tomorrow April seventh and receive the later than April thirteenth the vacated district judge's ruling that they only needed to be received by the thirteenth state senator Lena Taylor also who's running for Milwaukee mayor does not does still have a lawsuit filed to postpone the election she is suing the state saying African American voters in Milwaukee are being disenfranchised by the state's current election plans clerks around the state meanwhile aren't missing a beat despite the chaos this afternoon all worth county clerk Kim bushy tells WTMJ they didn't slow their efforts despite the governor's order to postpone right now our municipal clerks have been really working so hard to try to make sure that they were prepared for tomorrow they are continuing to work hard to do that the state's elections commission also saying it's been trying to stay out of the political back and forth among more to ask for guidance on how a change would impact the process and other things that need to be considered that's also something that we do on a regular basis to provide that type of feedback but we are not our commission had not adopted a direction in terms of lobbying any particular organization to solicit changes that selection commission administrator Meagan Wolfe president trump at today's coronavirus task force briefing at the White House voicing some hold they're facing the novel coronavirus celebrate and have a rough week we're going to have maybe a rough little more than a week and but this tremendous light at the end of that tunnel he comes on the heels of the CDC now recommending everybody wear a mask when going out in public session disease doctors agree even wearing a mask will help there's probably some benefit to having a better year over your face should someone pops the youth or maybe at this point talk to you the UW health's Dr Jeff pot off says they're only part of the solution your foundation it's a little disturbing by far and away the most important thing that we can do nothing at all that hygiene so appropriate hand washing and things like that doing those things well and we had on a mask it looks like there is a small additional benefit Dr pada says Klaas masks need to be washed daily Mike.

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