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Having regular periods of exercise s o, You know, walks of consistent actor today and then have taken him out, Take her out and really active play out in the yard or two apart. That's helpful. Even in the house. You know, everything should be very consistent. So feeding should be a consistent time. Um, you know, again, taking out to eliminate walks. Those all should happen at very consistent times on then, really, It's important to just kind of ignore at all other times. So that you're not inadvertently reinforcing that kind of behavior on then when you got guests coming over. It's really good idea. I don't know if you've gone through training with her, but that would be an excellent thing to do is well getting into a good trainer so that you can be very consistent with getting her to respond to you in more appropriate ways of giving her other directions and things to do so. You can get her brain steered onto other, more appropriate behaviors rather than leaving it to her to kind of figure out and get people to respond to appreciate you listening. Lisa Dr John Syria. Basi is the God and veterinary behavior consultant who doesn't mind being referred to as a Petric. We'll talk again soon. Thanks. Time for speed jokes on WG and radio sponsored by Team Hochberg. Quick note here. Hey, John Williams. My wife and I pulled into the garage just in time for sports, But we stayed in the car, so is not to miss me jokes. I came in a little while ago. Wait for seven texted and said about the couple who stayed in their car. I hope they remember to turn off the engine. Otherwise they would be exhausted.

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