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Will provide tax delivery service in from New York City transit president Sarah Feinberg says people can sign up at NTA dot info slash overnight the overnight work is deploying not just the personnel cleaning and disinfecting but what the agency is calling an unprecedented now Burr of NYPD officers to help close and secure the station's Sonia Rincon ten ten wins news when it's time six forty eight mayor de Blasio says video of a social distancing arrest by the NYPD in the East Village over the weekend is troubling police commissioner Dermot Shea says the incident is under investigation I spoke yesterday about the end of that video and and I was not happy with what I saw I think we we could be better than that quite frankly an officer slapped a man in the face punched him in the shoulder and dragged him to a sidewalk over an alleged a social distancing violation that officer Francisco Garcia has been placed on modified assignment PBA president Pat Lynch says officers should not be in the social distancing enforcement business in a statement he said the rank and file we're getting Vega guidelines and mixed messages Wednesday's time six forty nine an update today from the New York state labor department which has found itself under a crush of unemployment application as many as ninety thousand new Yorkers have struggled to collect their unemployment benefits many are first time filers and state labor commissioner Roberta Reardon says each week you have to certify your eligibility again if you're new to unemployment insurance you wouldn't necessarily realize that it's an ongoing process that so everybody needs to certify every week in order to qualify for that the canister adds despite the state's virus triggered financial problems you will still get your money you know I know that there has been concern and the social media sphere that the state's going broke and all my gosh I will get my benefits you will get your benefits you'll get all of your benefits Britain says they've expanded the automated call service and brought in employees from other departments to man the phones al Jones ten ten wins news when it's time six fifty the office of the secretary of the Senate says it cannot release the information Joe Biden has asked to become a be made public result of democratic presidential nominee requested the secretary of the Senate release any such complaint from former Senate aide terror read read alleges Biden sexually assaulted her in nineteen ninety three when Biden was a U. S. senator under advice of legal counsel the secretary of the Senate says the office has no discretion to disclose the existence of or any such information about the complaint requested by former vice president Biden the response goes on to say any complaint filed against Biden could not be made public based on the laws strict confidentiality requirements Linda Kenyon Washington when it's time six fifty one traffic.

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