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This will ever come into the real actual real live light fiddle be commonalities across the US about what actually happened in Washington DC. Whose kids that went there to protest killing babies? What's he talking about? The show is this. What did he just say? What is this? What did he say? Catholic kids to DC and we've been on this yesterday most of this hour so far. And that's because it's huge. We have a modern day lynching. Modern day lynching bunch kids. This is a mass lynching bunch of kids from a Catholic school in Kentucky went to DC to protest. While they were there to support life. They were protesting abortion by Planned Parenthood all the above. And by the way, when those kids were singing, they show pictures of them singing, they weren't doing that to fly in the face of everybody on the in the Indians are those black racist thugs out of New York? They were doing it to drown out the hate that was being shouted back and forth from those two mobs. Yeah. Digging. Do the homework you want the truth? Again, I'm not gonna go over the whole thing again. I'm not even going to visit the basics on it. It's up to you. We've done that one hundred thousand times it'll be in the archive tomorrow get over to crtv. That's we're going back as long as Mark Levin. But this is a big thing the show today. Beck's radio our radio show today, and you get off of Vegas the his blaze site as well. He he went through it chapter and verse every single word uttered by all parties involved, and it clearly points to the truth. The facts of the issue that was those kids were innocent on every front. They were actually heroes for standing against the racism that came out of the black thugs known as the black Israelites sort of they call themselves that were harassing the Indians that then started harassing the kids got kids were just. They didn't know what the hell was going on. So there you go, and that's up took that apart today and put it back together. Again, I want to share something else with you, but comes off of. The blaze. I saw this one quite by accident. I wasn't paying attention until I got in here about five minutes before the show. Think of something to say for three hours. But this one's this is I stuck this on Facebook. Lesbian transgender couple. That's a lesbian transgender. Couple is in a lesbian transgender or is it a lesbian and transgender. I don't know. We'll get to that couple declares that are planned to transition to transition their five year old son into a girl. Five year old Jaden Jaden can have to wait a few years before receiving puberty blocking hormones, but hey, what are gonna do it as I posted on Facebook. I can't help. But think that the angel standing behind the door in lots house you with me and the democracy in the street, and they're saying send them out. Call him. I wanna have sex with them. They want a torture wanna kill. They don't know who it is. Angels and a lot is there. Angels say stand back will handle this. Right. Right. And then they went outside and it was much like raiders lost. Ark. Whatever we're when they opened the ark of their faces melting angels melted. Everybody's faces had there is run out of their sockets. Well, I can only imagine just for lot got out of town. Right. Right. You with me so far and. By the way of always if I could ever switch out. I want to be one of those angels, man. Wow. Cool job that was and anyway, I can't help. But think what right down the street while this was taking place or actually before long before. Right on the street and lots public school system. This had to be going on right writer right here right here. A couple like this had to be living down the street a transgender couple whole bunch of them. I'm sure in the United Kingdom has announced that their five year old will be transitioning from female this to the Daily Mail, Greg Rogers and his partner Jodie Rogers. We're both born female. So there's a lesbian component. However since Greg medically transition to a male at sixteen years old the couple identifies as being straight rather, not straight. They share custody of Jody's five year old Jaden, so Jaden was already born to Jodie who's a real live woman and that had to be because once you transition into Greg. You ain't getting a woman pregnant, not even close. So this kid born into this nightmare scenario. Barna boy, but as worn dresses for the past year now if he's five years old that means he's been wearing dressed and since he was four years old and what personnel at four years old at four years old. Has any say into what they wear don't wear. In a in a rational, we the thinking western civilization household. No four-year-old facto you're supposed to dress kids. I don't even have kids. But I read this. And I thought this makes total sense you lay out three outfits that you want the kid, they're all acceptable. And you have the kid pick one that way the kid thinks they're vested nag breslin myself. But you're totally dressing them. Get it take a lesson. Jimmy, you're on the edge. Hey, how's it going? It's gone. I just want to give a little bit of insight into this, Wayne, I I've actually met this guy. A few times at powwow was in the past. My stepchildren are are half Lakota Sioux, your last name is black elk and actually Megan just had a baby. So that's awesome. And. This guy is. Factional activist and he's looking for fame. That's a big part of it too. He wants to be cooler than he actually is. This is one of those kind of guys that will dive in front of a camera, and he's he puts himself, but he can't seem to get any traction. And that's good. I hope he's frustrated as itself, but the bottom line is this guy nothing more than a leftist anti American. Yeah. And and know like a social Justice types, you know, just wants to shut down anything that anybody thinks is fun. Whites gone. He hates whites hates them. Yeah. He well. He led the charge. He was one of the people in leading the charge and get rid of the here on name that he did. Exactly, exactly. And he and he wanted more fame on that too. And he didn't get it. He didn't get it. And and the thing about it is is he's from the Lakota Sioux tribe. He's not even a year on Indian. What is why are you mad? He's a he's a real Indian. He's an excellent. And I'll give him that. He's an excellent in as opposed Elizabeth Warren. But the bottom line is if you're an Indian, and you somehow have been led down the path of that. Because this happened you now have to hate white people forever. You want to go back to this is Indian land. That means that you are championing using poison Ivy is toilet paper because everything here happened by virtue of white people coming to this country boom into story. Right. And and don't and don't think that all Indian stink their way, I know many of them, and they like why people knew all they wanna do is show their culture and and shoulder history and not lose it. Yeah. I don't blame them for that. I think that that's wonderful. Great thing, by the way, what I just said in no way negates any contribution to western civilization by anyone Chinese or otherwise. So I could see that statement. I just said he's with the clan. Right now. I know that I it's it's it's. It's absolutely ridiculous. And to say that you know, I it's all over Twitter. It's all over social media. All my God. If you got one of these red hats on you might as well be wearing a Nazi uniform. This is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah. No, I got to tell you, and and everybody's afraid to say at their terrified. They're terrified to even think it you've got Joe Biden right now vilifying white people will along with Al Sharpton at the national action network because you and we'll talk about that the bidder he is on fire. Telling white people they've got to change because of the racism in them that they don't even know is there. So he's drinking the Kool aid. He's not stupid. He's looking for black people to make him president two thousand twenty. That's what he's trying to do. Yeah. Probably, but there's a lot of black people that are going to vote for Donald Trump, absolutely. Oh. Met this this this. This would be a real communist revolutionary, who's not famous at all now has more famed. He's ever had. What was it? Like would. Did. He have an attitude was he friendly to Jesse speak with him. Yeah. Yeah. And he is very friendly. And and and I think that he was trying to capitalize on what happened. He saw the media. And he might. Wow, I can I can capitalize. Yeah. Well, that's why I walked up with that drum right in front of that kids face.

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