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Do you ever jaylen for singing overdrive magazine and red eye radio looking for truckers to enter the fifth annual trucker talent search singing contest visit trucker talent search dot com where you can enter by filling out a form and entering a youtube link to a video of you sing it the video can be shot with a smartphone with or without accompaniment three finalists compete for a thousand dollar cash prize at the great american trucking jilin dallas in august submissions close may i so be sure to visit trucker talent search dot com and enter today this is talk radio five sixty san francisco san jose oakland a cumulus station now on amazon alexa opened the case of oh skills attack draws response fifth avenue fire i'm barbara kusak the state department plans to demand in international response if reports of mass casualties from an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria are confirmed more from correspondent which johnson state department spokesperson heather now powered says they're closely following what she calls me disturbing reports of an attack on a hospital in the rebelheld town of doma now it says the reports if confirmed are horrifying and demand an immediate response by the international community the un secretary general along with the foreign minister from singapore voice concern about trade tensions and rising protectionism across the world they're meeting in beijing comes china and the us exchange terror threats one person is dead after an apartment fire at trump tower in midtown manhattan flames shot out of the windows of the fiftieth floor as firefighters got up to the apartment fire commissioner dan niagara said it was fully engulfed severi difficult fires you can magin the apartment is quite large.

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