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The Bengal famine I go into it over six stages. Also, I'm explaining what's happened. And what Churchill did to alleviate it I make no apologies for his his racist remarks I go into them and and thought them all and you know, you have to see everything in the basis of evidence. And and and this is something very rarely get in the bath. In the knocking revisionist books, they never very long these books because the reason that's up the various myths and claim. The other thing you can do is what is like my cook is to is to go on the Hillsdale College websites The Churchill project where website is Hillsdale College in Michigan and to hit the website for the international Churchill society and they will actually show you the documents, you know, can you can find the document very easily defined the arguments and and this and both for and against and listen to the truth until I think there is a lot you can do actually cuz most people are reasonable people most people are mature enough to accept that if they've heard some some, you know, wild mad rumor theory about how even church or was that there might be another job. Side to the story and luckily both Hillsdale and the international churches society and have her put that full right. So I'm curious there seems to be you know, a lot of people who don't like looking at evidence or don't delve into all of it. What are the motives Behind these people want to the face of Earth and I think diversity in an attempt in to to throw an intention to draw attention to themselves is a is strong one. I have to say in some with some people. I have noticed severe psychological disorder, you know people who are taught in tents and. That's just pretty crazy who may become obsolete obsessive and fanatical about about various things. That church was supposed to have done and the other problem, of course. Because your actual session name editors will run stories. However, measly the evidence is last year. There was a accusation that Winston Churchill was unfaithful to his wife and had a mistress and which is completely untrue and when you look at the evidence again, it it's it explodes as soon you investigate it minutes and yet I had to waste two pages of my of my book exploding these these myths which I spent much better elsewhere writing about other things. So, yes, you do get if somebody comes up with some mad theory about Churchill they will get the chance to just go on television or write articles in newspapers and make a big facet of it and it's only much later that people are really when they they look into it off. Able to tell the truth and in those cases nine times out of ten Churchill comes off scot-free as I say you made many hours many blunders in his life the idea that he was some kind of them will figure or or you know, a bad man. Let alone a Genesis Idol Maniac who deliberately wanted to kill millions of innocent bengalis. For example home is complete with that. So out of all the moments in Churchill's life because he had a lot from challenging appeasement to his inspiring speeches to his leadership in a time of war in your opinion. What was Churchill's finest Hour? Well, I mean, I think the moment that he became prime minister on on Friday the 10th May nineteen forty years, which he wrote later in his woman was I felt as if I were walking with Destiny and it all my past life had been better preparation for this hour for this trial. I think that was the was the key moment. He had been waiting all his life to become Prime Minister, but he'd been practicing pairing in every aspect we would imagine he had this tremendously powerful sense of Destiny, which is why I called my book Churchill walking Destiny ever since he was sixteen years old. He believed he was going to save Britain and save Europe. And and save the Empire and of course fifty years later when he was actually 65 years old. He did do these things great things. And so I think that moment where he finally was allowed to get on with the war in the primary position as prime minister was that was the key moment. But but there are any numbers the Battle of Britain Blitz, very important moments in the first world war, of course as well. It moments in his life to its really they were just one off the other his great speech at Fulton Missouri on the 5th of March 1946, which he warned about the Iron Curtain that was falling across Europe. You know, I am absolutely mad. I suppose in a way just to choose one, but you only allow me one so I'm going to choose that one. Yeah. Well Turtles a man who's dead? Lived a thousand lives in one I guess and it's clear. He had some very great moments and he was pretty great man. But younger Generations like my own page to see less Merit in the mire and great people. They see no difference between a statue of Robert E Lee and a statue of Churchill. Why is this bad? Why should we look up to great people a little traction himself had an answer for that really which was when a young American about your aged. In fact, it came up to him at the coronation luncheon in the Queen's coronation in June nineteen fifty-three and said said to him asked him for the sort of Life advice basically and George Will said study history study history for therein lies all the secrets of statecraft and if you can't tell the difference between a Confederate Amanda dead. Who wanted to split up the union and defend and keep slavery and monstrous institution and somebody who wanted to save people who were being enslaved by adults. Then you really do need to study history. And also by the way, you might also study your own values. So after reading all your books and articles, it seems like you have a certain distaste for modern revisionist takes on History, you know such as Howard Zinn or the sixth nineteen project interpretations. So it wouldn't I bother with either a face. So why do you believe Betty Owen histories of American Zen and I'm afraid the sixth nineteen project is an absurdity and many historians. I think there were ten very brave historic. We do have to be quite Brave to criticize The Sixteen nineteen project.

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