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Finally be brought to an end Mr Assange will now have the opportunity to contest the charges as Tim in open court onto how any extradition requests, considered by the judiciary is right. That we implement judicial process fairly and consistently. Would you respect for quality full? I commend this to the house. Thank you, Mr Speaker the headset which I fo- his account of sense on this how sweet grandstands Julian Assange will be able to access medical catch eaten some facilities because there have been worrying reports about his own house. Of course at this point. This is all a matter for the cool. But on this side of the house, we won't to make the point that the reason we are debating Julian Assange this afternoon. Eason's those the only charging you my face in this country is in relation to his bail hearings. The reason we are debating this afternoon is entirely to do with the whistle. Blowing activities of Julian Assange Mckee. It is this whistleblowing. I two interleague wolves mass murder murder civilians and crops on a grand scale that I put Julian Assange in the cross has of the US administration. Is this reason that they have once more issued an extradition wants against Mr Assange sexually will note that Mr Assange complaints, the UN he was being unlawfully detained as he could not throwing embassy without being arrested. And in February sixteen the UN panel ruled in his favor stating that he had been detained and should be allowed to free and compensated for professional liberty liberty, Mr. Sohn's health. I can victory. Hoover decision binding fought the foreign office responded by saying this ruling changes nothing. I know it was the phone of spoons, not the home of this all the ministry of Justice has noticed. Ability and the next session this country. But it is of course, interested in relations with allies and others. We have precedents in this country relation to request for extradition to the US when the US authorities, raise issues of hacking and national security, I would remind the house of the case of guy MacKinnon in October twenty twelve when the count prime minister was home secretary an extradition request very similar for this was refused. And we should recall what we actually disclose who Pinza got the Pentagon video slippage mixon attack in she saw some seven which killed eighteen civilians and two Reuters journalists it is the monumental amounts of lake such as this that lifted the veil on US led military operation in a variety of sitters. None of which has produced. A faithful outcome from the people of those countries Julian Assange is not being pushed you to protect U S national security, he's being pushy because he is exposed wrongdoing by US administrations and then military forces, and we only have to look at the treatment to choke. You might see what awaits in. If he's extradited to the US MS manning has already been on unconsummated between two thousand to two thousand seventeen she was originally sentenced to thirty five years. How indefinite detention now is because she refuses to participate in partial disclosure, which would allow whistle blast perceive. Not the right this and for human rights protections as a transgender woman has been completely ignored. Human rights as a transgender woman have been completely ignored. And I would hope members on the. The other side of the house would take that seriously, and it has to do with Julian Assange case is this could be the type of treatment that he could expect if he's extradited to the US in this country. We have protection for whistle blows, including the public interest to close disclose run nine thousand nine hundred and others. Even if some of failed is protections should be more robust underpinning, this legislation is the correct premise not that anyone can leak anything. I like that. There should be protection. Afforded to those take possible risk to disclose wrongdoing with that disclosure serves the public interest. Julia scientists risk of traditions to the US precisely because on this side of the house. We believe his disclosed material that is in the operas public interest. This is now. In the hands of the British little CU we have the utmost confidence in the British legal system. But we would say on this side of the house. We would be very concerned that on the basis of what we know Julian Assange was extradited to.

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