America, President Trump, North Korea discussed on John Gibson


The american liberal media complex new to vote leave you that is john gibson i think give my memory serves as far back as there has been a crazy chimpanzees dictator in north korea america's presidents have dealt with pretty much the same way in that when the president comes into office he only been he's so far he always has great optimism is going to be able to do something about north korea and it never really works out eventually after all there been negotiations in the past where we agreed to deliver a north korea these whole ship loads of oil in food in there was supposed to keep them from it's always jumped to keep them from doing something but of late it's you develop a nuclear weapon then they broke their promise so new president comes in i will we're going to try to get him keep them from making missiles which could deliver the nuclear weapon miniature as in whipple an inhabitant either they they don't mind lion right to your face and answer every president face this problem and even barack obama and would eventually settles down to in the latter years who presents term is the president.

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