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Say that can I think you can just say all the nasty. Hey, come on. Give me something. I nailed the high part wasn't horrible. You did not all that. So I didn't. Are you seeing that was out of tune? It just wasn't good used to like my voice. Let's be honest. I can sing in tune used to like the voice. No, I wouldn't say didn't like your voice. I usually lie to the people is is really what you li- like avenue. I can't believe. Oh. I went there. All right. We'll think about that some more he later, but but the last thing you want to go even higher. Yeah. You want that it was not a bad idea. If I if I had this like two hours before the show, I might have done something with it. But that's about as far as I got there. There are people calling on the phone. They want to talk about the the latest on. What is this? What is Sam Sam what you wrote next to Travis isn't very nice. Is that him saying it or you saying it? That's. I'd like to see what you wrote next to Travis. I'll just take Travis on the air and see see what he thinks Travis. What's going on? Hi. Hey, joe. How're you doing? Hey, what's going on? I'm doing very well. I didn't say anything me means. So whatever same road that's on her. She actually wrote the word sucks, and I thought you were saying that my parody sucks. I think she's saying you're right now sucks. Same. Or are you saying that he sucks for that? I saw who suck here. The idea what's up with that? What is the idea? Good. All right. So I had an idea for your parody. Let's get it started by the black eyed peas you'd have to wrap for the will. I am part. I don't know how comfortable you always route. Before I was on the radio or rap artist. What are you go? Oh, absolutely. Oh, okay. Well, let up losing. Oh, darn it. We lost him. I wanted to go. That's.

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