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Imagine it's february nineteen fiftynine you're sitting in a waiting room inside the langley research center just outside of washington dc you're nervous and you should be today is a big day you're an air force man a test pilot what you don't fly run of the mill planes you fly the newest most vance most powerful aircraft mankind has ever created and that's why you're here your country needs you for a very important mission right this way this is the moment you've been waiting you take a deep breath rice your feet and follow the man in the suit into his office can i offer you anything no sir i'm not your commanding officer an engineer call me charles please yes i mean charles he chucks for a moment it puts you at ease i just wanna say thank you for this opportunity on behalf of everyone at the thank you for your service s t g that space task group just thinking about it makes you giddy it's like something out of a ray bradbury novel the american government is going to send a man into space and that man might be you charles reaches into a drawer and pulls out a personnel file your personnel file he puts on his reading glasses and begins flipping through the documents out of a pool of five hundred plus candidates mostly air force test pilots like you you've been selected to be part of the mercury project you've been summoned to washington to participate in a series of tests interviews and psychological reviews if you're selected to continue with mercury program you could become one of the country's first astronauts a what comes next won't be easy you'll be shipped off to the loveless center albuquerque where you'll be subjected to intense physical examinations after that it's off to a high oh where you'll endure extreme mental and physical environmental tests it's no picnic what your country needs you and you are here to answer the call your chances are good they'll definitely pass through to the physical exams they have to you check all the boxes and then some tall but not too tall slim physically fit smart and most importantly your test pilot.

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