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What was? You know super interesting for the for the Rockets. If you look at their they're just roster. She we think of this team, as you know, got a job Want you young guys, and all these guys who are signed a rookie scale deals. If one Kevin Porter, Jr. All their other young guys were second-round picks undrafted players or guys that they signed as free agents. So, so I'll take that is, you know, just something that kinda keep in mind. This team may not be quite quite as young as you know. I think some some people think, I mean, particularly when they're in a full rebuild, we tend to think they're very young team. Maybe they've got a little bit but but again I love what they did on draft night. I'm a big fan of of and I keep going back cuz I'm just a big fan of Guru but because I am a sucker for guys who can make the right reads on the defensive end of the floor Time After Time After Time and you know, consistently, they're going to put themselves in the right spot at the right time and that's exactly what gruba can do. And when the other guys like Porter would green, those are offensive leading, guys. So I like his fit with those guys and Schengen that's a nice fit long-term Houston. Rockets question, coming in here. What are they doing John Wall now? I mean he is going to be he doesn't fit on this roster, that's for sure. Yeah, going Well, no contract is untradeable. We've seen Russell Westbrook. Get traded out three times. So yeah, for time for three it's three times three days on his fourth. Yeah yeah yeah. On his fourth package. Yeah. Yeah. Which is oddly enough he's played for more teams than Kevin Durant. Yeah..

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