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I wanna see if <hes> the we saw a touchdown from one half of mr third and theft. We saw the fifth get a touchdown. Could we see mr third. Get the touchdown. That's a good point. That's a good point. There's someone that i haven't really heard much about this week with everything going on. I'm just curious to see if he'll play at all. I wanna see if t._j. Watts back into the mix with everything everything is he going to be back where they're going to play him for a series because if he gets any time on the field that tells you that he must be fine and that's kind of been forgotten forgotten stories since he's come back and been working his way back that that hasn't been the big news because of all the other people that haven't been playing so that's one and i don't know this is who brian and sang or not but i want to continue to see certain people and i'll list several of them that i want to see them playing on special teams their are actual special teams play. I love seeing benny snell getting the first tackle on the opening kickoff guys that are reserves. Gotta play snaps on special realty gms. That's a great plus bench. Now can can cover on on a on a kick off. I wanna see ola getting added again like he did last week on special teams especially on the kickoff golf. I wanna see johnny holton getting those special team snaps in there because as you guys know i've talked about him for weeks of my big thing is there. I couldn't believe they kept their last couple of seasons because i'm like he's not theirs. They have better receivers but the value you that position. When guys aren't your starters. They've got to get snaps in the game at other places. They've got us. Get those special team snaps. You can't have a guy that's going to be your fifth wide receiver in a game and only play five or six snaps at that position not play anywhere else. He's gonna have to play special teams. So i wanna see johnny holton <hes> play special teams and just show that he's a capable wide receiver in case. He's active on game day and that would be the guy yeah. I said..

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