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Stars and stripes spell liberty. He's weighed in a long time for this. What he says, wouldn't pass the sensor during the landings the merciless pounding of the entire invasion, area continues. Here is real, pinpoint bombing one of the bridges between the invasion, coast and Paris. Geffen. When the beachhead is established heavier equipment has moved in reinforcements for those heroes who are bringing to the people of Europe, but cost of our initial lending was, but a fraction of what leaders expected. All of them ten thousand German prisoners, captured in the first few days of the battle, and we know one hun- owes not going to peddle anymore. Nazi philosophy. The allied advance his rapid way up town after. Well have a nice doormat when he gets back home. The premium commander, generalize, our early conference with general Montgomery. They come Andrew English Brown troops, and they see that all operations go according to plan, these men who will lead us to make three along with General Omar Bradley with classes, and infantry. The cost of our first landing was low, but many wounded returned to English ports men injured in that, first assault, these pictures of mind, does that there's still a long road ahead early the bond you buy in this drive can help men like these on the path. Now. It's your turn by that extra bond today..

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