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Of disrupted a bit by mother nature, and we sell it's morning lobster governor morning until you king state. Couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. I missed a little bit of sake. What I was on with your producer. About how could I do what a double header weekend next year? Have you heard anything about that? Or did you hear shakes racing report? I I did not hear if he mentioned that in his report or not because I was on the phone with someone else off the air. But I did see the link that you had posted there, and I was reading through that that that's pretty wild. It'll be interesting from I watch the evening news. Why about my you know, my wake up coffee before work and eight I guess it's not a new phenomenon or it has happened in NASCAR. But has been not the modern era. I guess and it'll be interesting. I think NASCAR is looking to drum up interest in it. But they also looked at the side of the story is set the beat reporters out. Yep. That area the Poconos. Yeah. It's only about twenty minutes away from where I live, you know, they really depend on those races. It brings a lot of income. You know, the little mom and pop restaurant hotel and instead of having to week as you're only going to have one weekend. So there's talk about it might be a negative impacts financially. And. I can figure is. I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind is the trend that we've been seeing in recent years is tracks like Pocono around and half the seats are empty. I maybe they're thinking by by doing a double header weekend that that'll that'll double the number of people that come in. And maybe you'll have a full house for that particular weekend. Good point. Now another thing I'm thinking about like carefully again. I'm certainly out of touch with NASCAR I've really all depth in a few years, but don't they generally bring like one Haller and two cars on all our is that a fair assumption Agricole that said best to bring up to haulers and four cars or I mean, you could turn Pocono down Charlotte. You you can turn it overnight night that you know, what? With everything and placement. Yeah. That that seems you know. A big undertaking. A certainly plenty of room near Pocono to to accommodate infield off the extra equipment. They would have to drag in. But it seems like a logistical nightmare. If you will so all the between now, and then those are questions will it will be able to kind of pick Mr. motorcoach, Brandon. Do you think you'd have to bring at least three cars? I mean, if if you have an incident in practice or Klay or an accident on race day with one car you especially on the first race you want you. You wouldn't even have a backup for the second day in the event something happens right now again, I know they have their show hall cars. Duly pickups that maybe hall the show. I I don't know. You know, you could pack enough quit. A oh ended a main eighteen Wheeler drag an extra one or two cars up in the show haulers. It'll be interesting to see how they pull it all off. Yeah. I did not get paid to call in with Mr. Vodochody. How's it? Does. He feel better all over hideous. Title. He said he apparently he had the stomach bug. It wasn't the flu. But I have to one that has young and all that wasn't. I said forty eight hours to forty eight hour bug who we? We. Shirley, I worry about demand management through a pretty serious health situation last year of salad sometimes softness, minor as a minor flu. Buck and be really really dangerous. Right. Right. Certainly an interesting fellow at all that I'm not gonna make it to the truck show you target about Elaine Chao and all that being or they're making statements that says a lot. That's that's really interesting now, you did kind of touch on this. You're going to have a lot of got iheartmedia resources being with the basketball situation pretty much push. Is there any way you get an extra prion a nickel or two or somebody in management wallet to get a producer to come down there at record that that it could be professionally recorded that some guy stated at his cell phone. Yeah. I granted. I if that's all we get. I thoroughly enjoy you hear that interview know, I know you have a cadre as up producers at work on your show. L like like, Brad. I think the world of Brad chip, obviously, he's you know, he's he's got other duties. Right now. That's the way it stands. Dave Abbott is gonna come down and set up the record set up the equipment for Thursday. But he's got to be here in Cincinnati for opening day. So he's gonna come down there early, and he'll be out of there. Probably soon as we start recording ten AM or whatever come back to since. Because they've got like four different you live broadcast that are going to be taking place with iheart here around the city for opening day. So chips chips going to be he said the last time I did anything like this was when we did the celadon thing from Indianapolis and what's up to three years ago? So he said, I don't remember how to set up the equipment, and I have I'm not sure if I can do it. Exactly, right. But so hopefully, Dave's gonna give him a quick once through. But when we get started, and he'll be able to get that done. So I can't say it's like riding a bicycle. And another kudos to your side. Yeah. I I've never taken the time to go over and introduce myself or interact with your with your kids. I just felt that was something kind of private that only your certain your inner circle interacted with your family. So I never really went out of my way to meet your your daughter asset your Hello to your wife a couple of times just because I just cut it away. I am I think that's just kind of a very private thing. But you're taking time off be their surprise. You know, what super dad you got a lot to be proud of? That's pretty cool. Well, I really think that's coming cited that he'll get to come down with this. That'll be I mean, typically he doesn't get to come down. But maybe like Saturday and spent a few hours with us. But the thing of it is saying if you feel like so many people that listen to this program ev- actually, watched my two kids grow up, you know, people that went with the cruises and whatnot the end of the first ATN cruise. But what was that two thousand four two thousand five or I mean, so they've literally seen them go from little kids to the the adults. And now parents that they are and that they get pretty excited about saying that they like I said they've literally watched them grow up over the years. But yeah, good to hear from your lobster about nineteen past the hour. And I was I was reading through that story about Pocono that that's pretty wild share more on what's coming up here on that for the twenty twenty season coming up here around the country. It's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty seven eighty five here on America's trucking network. NHRA.

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