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Soccer is back tournament that we talked about that just finished I. Think last week so. So they just finished that moment and that's kind of cool that that the role of sports complex is still doing so much all these years later and And What was I going to say? Oh, it used to be that the world's sports complex also was the spring training home for the Atlanta, braves which was a major league baseball team I. Don't know that they're still there or not but anyway so that's cool that that they that they competed against them get out of it. Doesn't say. Team won that game but. But that's okay. That's fine. So I'm going to put my glasses on. because. It's time for Disney. WHO's who character? And I've got a really cool one sophie. And the reason I picked it because it kind of goes along with my quote Walt Disney quote and both of them kind of tie in to epcot somewhat the character. Is Not really an epcot character. It's a movie character. Thought of more along the lines with Tomorrowland. It's still I think is really cool and Kinda applies. So. Y. Give me a guest as to the movie that I'm referring to. In applies to Tomorrowland. And it's not Tomorrowland the movie. Now. Not This is how. I think this is all about the animated Disney characters on. Is it two D. or Three D. animation. Was To. I'M GONNA go with stitch. Yeah I don't know I heard Tomorrowland thought stitches great escape. So Nuts, ditch. The movie is meet the robinsons. Oh. And the character is Wilbur. Robinson. Okay Daddy. That's Three D. animation visit three. Yeah. Okay. Why is to you need to ask me different questions. because. I didn't think we were glasses when we solid well no, that's not. It's three eighty because. Shows what I know people. Not much. Animation is like paper drawings. You know, Cinderella That's two D animation meet the Robinsons Is Three D. animation because the incorporates the use of three d shapes like spheres cubes I says circles and squares. Oh. Okay. Well. Got Me on that. So anyway. Wilbur. Robinson he is a mysterious boy from the future who claims to be a time continuum task force officer. In Reality Wilburton. Lewis's future son. wilburs greatest flaws inflated self confidence than a cocky attitude are also his greatest assets. They allow Wilbur to stay one step ahead of his enemies. Although Wilbur knows who Lewis's is careful to keep the truth from Louis after all the arrests on Lewis and Wilbert is determined to set its course straight. And I have one really big Kinda cool digital. Did. You know that searching for a description of someone who looks the opposite of his Father Wilbur tells Louis that his father looks like Tom Selleck In. Reality, Tom Celik is the voice actor who plays will father. It's Avi. That is cool. That is very cool. So. So that is our who's who cared there for today Wilbur Robinson. And you know Louis Robinson may we'll talk about Louis later on? But. Not Today. In that leads me to our Walt Disney quote. Because the topic from our book is on enlightenment exploration and experimentation, and that to me says at Even, if it's more talking about feature world than world showcase but anyway. For Walt Disney's quote. He says I'm just very curious. I've got to find out what makes things ticks and I've always liked working with my hands. My father was a carpenter. I even apprenticed to my own machine shop here and learned the trade. Since, my outlook and attitudes are engrained throughout our organization. All our people have this curiosity. It keeps US moving forward. Exploring experimenting. Opening new doors. And that. To me is what epcot is all about. You know. So that is our Walt Disney for today, and that wraps up this week's. On. The road with Mickey and I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope that it's It's wet your whistle a little bit for what it's going to be like going to Walt Disneyworld. If, you can't make it to world showcase. Great Yeah but go to Youtube look up. There's all sorts of walking tour world showcase, future world, and ride videos and things like that. So if you need your dizzy picks that might be a way to get. You know we talked about that previously to but on. I'm going to close out by saying on the road with Mickey sponsored by Pixie vacations by Mike..

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