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But the vaccine will still work on them. Ah, Utah's reporting another 27 covert deaths yesterday. Um County health departments across the state were struggling to register older Utahns. To receive covert 19 vaccines. The Salt Lake County health part Now we were registering my mother in law yesterday and the website, the Salt Lake County Health Department website. Had a rough time They managed to write it and And things did happen. But right at the beginning of the process, people people 70 years of age and older going to the slightly County Health Department website and trying to get an appointment. It was very glitchy. The site went down a couple of times. People were getting unclear messages, but but we managed to get my mother in law. Registered, but it was, I think. We're doing that around 11 o'clock or 11 30 already. So they're going to start on the think it's the 18th. I'm going to start the Of giving the vaccines and that's what people were signing up for by 11 30. I think my mother in law was already deep into February before she could get an appointment now. I'm going to spin this. Aziz positive in that I am heartened that that many people were trying to sign up to get The vaccine because we keep hearing stories about how, um not as many people are going to get it if it's offered to them. I love the fact that so many people wanted that It crashed. Something county got it Got it fixed and it's working now. I think I think I think Gina You're making an assumption that it was. It was so many people that wanted it. I'm going to make the assumption that the website was crappy and just couldn't handle. Couldn't handle any amount of traffic practically and they needed But I think you're right, actually, but the others also, but again again, the salt Salt Lake County should have no, they did know. They did know that this was gonna happen aren't there And I'm not a nightie person. But aren't there ways you can prepare for that kind of That kind of thing and make sure that your website doesn't crash. You would think Utah pharmacist accused of illegally receiving controversial drug had a green light from a lot of very prominent Utah authorities to do exactly what he did. His defense attorney says So this is the guy at Dan Richards, founder and CEO of Meds in motion. This was that whole. It was an $800,000 or something like that, and his defense attorney because now he's being charged with some crimes. His defense attorney said he There were politicians. There were people in state government who said who enabled this and and made it happen now his defense attorney is saying not saying. Who those individuals were just yet. I think he will when the trial comes about, although I'm sure that there are Mm hmm. There are many people in state government right now who are trying to make a deal? With Mr Richards, Defense attorney I I think it would probably be my guest. Oh, his defense attorney, by the way, is Greg Skordas, who is a good attorney. And should be our attorney general. Yeah, Let's see. How much time do we have here? One more. Oh, sure. You'll like this story carry. This is for you. Thank you. Male, Ranga Tang. Has taken on an unusual role of the Denver Zoo. Just see the pictures of this now after the death of the family's matriarch last month. The mother Gnaeus, a Sumatran orang a tang Died unexpectedly on December. 17th Gnaeus was 7 32, okay, and these had two daughters. A little little Miranda Tang's hefty who was 10 and Sarah, who was only two years old. On Tuesday, Zoo officials said that Sarah's father Barani. Stepped up to the plate and began taking care of the two year old off find just cause the mother's gone. Now the dad is going to take care of the kids in the wild things are not involved with their offspring. They? That's why they get involved in drugs. And they get their pregnant teens was. The dads aren't involved in the race. What? What are you talking about? So male Aranda Tang's They just They just provide the seed and then they just they just abandoned the whole thing and the mother, But so it's very unusual to see Barani this male orang a tang. Step up and be Mr Mom. It's very rare on they say, Sarah Little Sarah could not have asked for a better dad. Barani is attentive. And protective, seeing toe all her needs. He carries her. He comforts her and even snuggles with her when she sleeps. So there you go. All right, that's sweet. Right weather traffic. Sports, sports Weather traffic Okay, so I don't know if you have. This is a boner candidate, Bill five time Olympic swimming medalist, Clete killer. In the Olympics charged it's in the file, but there were better candidates charged Wednesday with participating in the deadly riot. The U. S Capitol after video emerged appeared to show him among those storming the building last week so Olympic Swimmer. Hmm. Charged. That's your sports, Whether we had a little bit of a stir last night that actually didn't bring us much rain or anything, but it did clear out the air, which we will take it. Go and take a big deep breath today because Air is much better. Sonny and a high of 41 today and we're just going to hover in the low forties for the foreseeable future. Overnight lows will be in the Low to mid twenties traffic..

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