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Which is probably the best are in our ever been a part of and for top to bottom in the chemistry that we have included with the coaching staff is uh i mean we're having a lot of fun do you expect big things from this team here this is this is it this is the year pressure with with sure this is the year for sure these dudes is looking at each other like that you've been propping the rockets all year korean something to say about that today people are more confident they should be basically what he said today of stuff center i'm good we'll talk about five rachel legos we will talk about the ragged later in the show they do play the clippers tonight we get a packed house be you today insider brian windhorts time nba champion mike miller all of famer tracy agreed florida boys back together again i do want to talk about your date a little bit more seriously at first today was the first day back at school for the kids in parkland florida and it was emotional and it was hard and it was sad and no basketball game is going to change that but there is a reason we talk about the impact that sports can have on people's lives because even when things feel really dark especially when they feel really dark having a gain to lose yourself in for a few hours can feel like a lifeline it means something to have a safe unacceptable place to yell and scream when for weeks all you have wanted to do is yell and screen and specifically last night in miami it meant something for one of the kids who.

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