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Network Marty Brennaman and the cowboy Jeff Brantley had the call tonight let's welcome back one more time to get their thoughts on a Phyllis thank you very much Tommy drawl thirteen for Jeff Brantley and as I said earlier the roads were pretty much out of it before they even could realize what was happening just did not seem as though Luiz cast the could find the magic early in this bowl game and you could tell he was a little bit off there in the first inning and there are times that that happens with Casteel early and normally he will find his rhythm as you get to the second and third inning and then beyond and it never really happened the big blow by Fowler there in the second inning three run shot with two outs and it really left Casio searching and just one of those nights where it is flat didn't have it and there's not a whole lot you can do about it because there have been plenty that he has had it and then so you made a point earlier that was interesting is that when guys get to this time of the year things are not going as they did earlier in the season they simply have to figure out a way how do you figure out a way I think ultimately it comes down to individual performance and regardless of what you're playing for our regardless of where you are in the standings your responsibility as a major league players to go out and perform every single night you have to figure out a way to motivate yourself and that way if you're doing your job then and everyone else has that same kind of attitude or look about them in the competitive nature then it kind of messes together as the game goes along and that's how you start to get things rolling back in the right direction Tommy thrall calls RCTs Aquino the Punisher and he has another home run tonight and probably a set another record is dental run it is amazing to watch the power of this young man and I think that he this this month month a half that he's been in the big leagues really last two the last two months of the year it'll be a great learning experience for him because when you burst on the scenes with that kind of power in that kind of home run you're embarrassing veteran guys so he will see automatically the adjustments that he will face next year so this will be a great trial for him as he heads on into September well it's certainly been fun to watch him do his thing ten home runs now and here along with again here tonight game number three it'll be a six forty beginning if you've got tickets for tomorrow night's game and and we'll try to wipe the slate clean and have short term memory they were beaten by.

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