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Well, how about this? How about when I saw Robert Williams and I love him as a player when he was hugging Kyrie's ass like he was a long lost relic. Exactly. How is that? This man just came on your court. Stopped on the damn leprechaun until y'all to go to hell and you hugged him like your next sandwich. So you get upstairs and he Brian piccolo. Yeah, I mean, really. That was really upset me about the whole Kyrie thing. You got Kevin Garnett, talked about. He said, wait a minute, cornbread. You and me are the only ones that got mad when it came to what Kyrie Irving did. And last thing is a thousand times where everybody hear me. Carrie Irving was the, from a skills standpoint, the best guard, the subject I've ever had. At that position. I don't think nobody's going to argue that. Skill set is ridiculous. But what he did and it pissed me off. When I saw him go to the leprechaun, stomp on it like he was wiping shit off his shoes, I'm like, are you serious like he mad at Boston for something? And nobody said anything? No, that's the thing. I don't see it. Like, I just think you're right. Max, these dudes have to take the next step and be some dogs. Like data needs any more of a dog, Brown, especially 'cause Brown got that dog inning. He's in Atlanta kid. Like, you can't be pat and Chris Middleton on the back after you knock your guy down. On a breakaway, and he oh, it's all good. Hell no. Hey. This wasn't exactly the look on my face. I didn't deal like this, so I'm like, is that right? That's what I'm saying. The next time down to happen. They need to get tougher. I'm not talking about being so Richardson. Well, I'm talking about being respected. And I think we lost the respect of the rest of the league and the rest of the east didn't respect them, especially after that Miami series is mine took them out, took their will took their soul out of their chest and won in 6 games and they were the less talented team to sell to a more talented team in S series. We all know it. It might be new it might be played harder with better coach. That's why I wanted series in 6. You let Tyler hero go for 37 off the bench. Anywhere caused made him a stock..

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