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Clouds Fog in Boston at seven o'clock. Good morning. I'm Charlie Burger on his what's happening Later On today, President Trump will be announcing his nomination to the Supreme Court. It is expected he will nominate Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. A federal judge from Indiana. If confirmed, the president will put in historic conservative stamp on the high court just weeks before the general election. Keeping up the suspense, the president telling reporters last night. He's made a choice but Would not reveal this pick the president at a rally at Newport News, Virginia last night, the president claiming it's the first of its kind achievement. You've had many presidents never had one Supreme Court judge. We're gonna have three of all people. That's a record. It is not close to a record. George Washington appointed 14 Justices Franklin Roosevelt eighth Ronald Reagan is tied with Donald Trump for three Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington The Massachusetts attorney general announcing indictments in connection to the covert 19 deaths of 76 veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers home Here's W bees is Karen Regal Bennett Walsh has gone from Marine two unemployed accused criminal in the span of just a few years. Attorney General Maura Healey, announcing a grand jury is indicting him and his former medical director, Dr David Clinton. At the Holy Oak Soldiers home. A grand jury returned indictments against Walsh and Clinton for causing or permitting serious bodily injury or neglect of an elder During the Kobe 19 outbreak. Each defendant is facing 10 accounts total Five counts for the criminal neglect church in five counts for the serious bodily injury charge, he said. No veteran should have died the way they did at Holyoke Theology, was asked if Walsh was qualified for the position he held. She said No. Karen Regal W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio and $8 Billion Redevelopment Project at Suffolk Downs in East Boston wins approval by the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Development on the 109 acre lot includes 10,000 apartments and condos, office space for 25,000 workers to retail squares and 40 acres of open space accessible to the public. This huge undertaking could take a couple decades to complete. The project, led by the H Y M investment group Celtics kept their season alive last night beat Miami by a score of 1 21. To wanna wait down in the bubble in Orlando. He'd still lead the best of seven. Siri's three games to two. Game six will be tomorrow night. We'll get to a lot more coming up in sports 703 mail in ballot problems in Pennsylvania. Tell you what happened coming up. Let's go to the roads. First, though, it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hello, Hello, Charlie, and overall not too bad in terms of the volume. We do have the weather to deal with, And that's fog. So reduced visibility in spots that keep that in mind as she heads out the door. Otherwise not seeing the big delays down at the Cape Bridges. It's quiet there SAG more inborn Route three looks good Plymouth to Weymouth, 24. 95 or Okay, heading north bound. We do have some delays in 95 in a road island will mention with ongoing road work. This is in the pot Tuckett areas, so expect to delay there. Otherwise. Looks good, though through Massachusetts coming up on 95 Thie Expressway is okay 10 minutes and end it on a western town. No troubles along the pike from Boston out George Millbury. Downtown is quiet. The lower decks taken Leverett Connector Tobin Airport tunnels, No issues north of the city, not singing backup. So long 3 93 or 95 up to the New Hampshire line. Rob tackle disease traffic on.

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