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I'm John Baxter this is a job that show I welcome earth with three one two three prototypes for the starship the big left it's going to take us to the heavenly body Bob three prototypes I know that SpaceX's extravagant but they're building three prototypes I remember one recently disintegrated in some fashion Boca chica why yes what Y. three what are they looking for good evening to you good evening hello the prototypes to word prototypes we built a prototype you're building it to test to figure out what works and what doesn't then you rebuild it with another prototype and you don't lock down your design in the early stages of design work you do lots of prototypes testing the design things so they they they in Boca chica they have an assembly line that will be working right now and they are built they have built three prototypes originally numbered five through seven and five and six are essentially full scale prototypes starship and they are hopefully now going to be a they they put it on your own content many tests may blow ups of previous prototypes that he's a five to seven so that means one through four blew up central he and they're testing but each time they've done it they've they've I think they've got a better handle on the issues and the odds of blow ups coming in I can go down well anyway so five and six practice to do it tests and maybe the first initial hops of the of the starship first top is supposed to be about five hundred meters fifteen hundred feet the second one would be would be at twelve miles in the air then vertically land again at Boca chica the seventh prototype is not really a full prototype of starship they've actually we designed it for a different purpose it's shorter but it's being used to test a new ally for using for the whole they be using this is this is a different stat stainless steel alloy and they want to test that they they're looking at how the previous alloys they're working and you know that is one of the reasons they blow it up personalized so they're trying to different alloy of steel to see if this would get the data results and it seems to be the case they also have indications that they are now researching bill of creating their own wildlife of steel the specifically designed for what they need to do and this just demonstrates SpaceX's agile way of doing things the correct way they are then they're not locking down the design even in terms of all their testing different steel to see if they can prove the design in the system perfect so everything goes well the next few months will be very exciting because they will be flying some of these prototype your mention of alloys reminds me of B. grade science fiction movies have enjoyed over the years where when the alien space capsule lands on earth and our science heroes got a hold of it there's always a statement about we never recognize an ally like this it seems to be impenetrable from our yes yes it is a great team from the day the earth stood still the plastic that surrounds the robot it's made of some kind of clear material that we've we've never seen before that many times one one that is I recommended to everybody I know is black and white but pretend it's in color and you'll enjoy it all right now SpaceX's hiring and so this has to do with starship John when when you are most first announced his case concept of starships back in what six sixteen twenty sixteen he said he wanted to do point to point transportation with it not just go to bars but since it will be completely reusable like an airplane there's no reason it can't take off vertically and land vertically and shorten the trip around Europe significantly and to do that he said we're going to have to build floating platform space sports where people will because it's just too big to to land you don't you can't put this they support a lot of different places so and he said a lot of those faces well SpaceX is now made in and admit issued advertisements looking for two engineers to help build build offshore floating space supports full launching starship superheavy slant this is a this is actually not really that cutting edge technology we have C. launch which was a platform to launch rockets but they were very small rockets this will be a much bigger platform it will also have to be something that passengers can be brought to and transported to issue you know to a plane to the the ship so that's coming soon but they're doing it so this is this is moving forward on that concept and not kind of full dental around it's really cool pop it's a really good idea I mean you know all of this is a combination of marketing and engineering it's yeah yeah and and it was always available so NASA had to go through it's a discovery phase in the Cold War so that we got SpaceX sees the grandchildren of Nassar's I'm now want to go to the great grand children astra NASA this is astro what disaster Bob the company is trying to become one of those is a start up it's a small sat rocket company building a small rockets to put kids sets up a little bit they were kind of a stealth company being trapped themselves very very quiet we talked about them in the in the in the spring because they're competing on a top four top or ward if they could get a launch off within two weeks they failed they they had a call launch scrubbed a launch from fifty three seconds before launch and that meant they could win the top or war and so they have now rebuilt and they announced this week that they are now scheduling the next launch attempt for July twentieth the window starting the twentieth to the twenty fifth and this will be in Alaska that's for the launch will be and they hope is to get this as a successful launch to all day if they succeed they will learn leap ahead of virgin orbit as the second smallest sat rocket company and that's operational following rocket lab now they admit that this is actually a three launch program testing programs the the for they they they're quite honestly don't think the first launch will work or at least there as they they would be surprised if fails so they have three launches to get going and assess this plant so stay tuned this just means you know the race to be to get that market of John diet market of CubeSats is designed the whole unit who will do something about this it reminds me of the hardy boys books you know and do you know the secret rocket base and let's sneak in and see if we can solve the crime and the I said there's something magical about it Bob which is let's N. instead of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney starting out in the dad's barn to raise money for the high school these guys just got together and decided to have a rocket company of their own Alaska let's point out something to this John this is just simply going back to the box on the mental American roots of freedom if people get an idea and they push it and back when.

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