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Lord. The only one was 5000. I lost $5000. Come on. I got to work on this impression. That is amazing. I remember him when he hosted the espys. That's where when he hosts the espys, and that was off the charts. I mean, his famous joke about the Heisman Trophy. What was it? The joke was about the Heisman Trophy that Charles Woodson. Charles Woodson, right? He's like, Charles Woodson is here. Never take away from you. You know, unless you kill your wife in a waiter. That's right. He won the Heisman Trophy. They can never take it away from you unless you kill your wife in a waiter. And the whole room was just like, oh my gosh. And he's just like, was that the one two where Will Ferrell did Harry carry and made fun of Elway's teeth? And it was, oh boy. It's off the charts. Yeah, that must have been a great night. People would say how brave and courageous norms comedy was. But I just call it poor judgment. I love it said they got banned, they got banned from a biloxi casino once. And I thought because norm like was counting cards or something, he said, no, because he totally torched the room of all the whales, like he made fun of them in a way that he didn't read the room and he absolutely did that poor judgment thing and that's why they got banned from a biloxi. So even that is memorial ten people walked out. Yeah, but you know, I got to give him a little slack because the last 9 years of his life he had cancer that he wasn't telling anybody and he's taken a lot of different prescription medicine and that kind of make you a little loopy. Sure, yeah. But not that much more. But I remember I do remember him jumping out of like a stage door at Radio City Music Hall when we were all getting ready for the night and he was asking about a score of a game. Yeah, I thought like I would be like his own personal sports phone like you. Do you ever follow him on Twitter, his golf? Of course. Commentary. Oh, my God. It was so great. Hilarious. Yeah, I mean, he did it just like an announcer. It was just great. Tiger dancing on the green with he was just the all time best then. No question about it. I exaggerate my brushes with fame. Portraits and stories, Kevin nealon right here. Yeah, you can get that at any bookstore. You go to my website, Kevin nealon dot com. In October 25th, you can pre order. And then go visit Kevin nealon dot com for upcoming shows and I saw you do stand up at the Bob Saget affair that occurred in his memory. Hot comedy cool cuisine. And you were telling some terrific stories that makes it seem like you're coming from my best dad ever title. Right here. What was that story you were telling about what happened? I tell the audience I said, I bet I'd be a really good dad. If I was home more with my kid. Right. But I'm at that point now where my son recognizes that I'm an older father. Compared to his friends, fathers. And it's not sitting well with him. And I came into his bedroom about a week ago. I could tell he had been crying. So I had to roll puffy. Here's saint cheeks. I said, what's the matter, buddy? Because I don't know his name. I've never home. What is his name? He said, I just been thinking, I'm ten now, when you're 63, when I'm 20, you're going to be 73. One 30 are going to be 83. You're not going to be around for a lot of my life, are you? I said, body, body, body. So I'm going to be around for a long time. I'll be your own. When you graduate, I'll be around when you get married, when you have kids, I'll be around for all that stuff, don't you worry about that, but you got to make that happen in the next four years. Otherwise, yeah, you're right. I probably won't be around. Wow. Buttery, everybody. Buddy, buddy, buddy. Best dad ever. Best dad when he's home. Best day. Every time I figure that when you walk out the door, I think of Harry Chapin. I think of cats in the cradle. Not feeling great, you know? Yeah. But I used to think about that a lot too. And then I was reminded how much money I'd be making on this game. And then I would think the money's in the cradle now. Oh my gosh. How many Sandler movies have you done? I've done about 13, 13 rooms. It's been a while though. I mean, he's kind of smartened up and used other people. He's smart enough. Come on now. You know, it seems like all the roles are kind of a little bit embarrassing. Like I did little Nicki where I played the hell. And I had two brush on my head. And they look so real. I mean, the makeup department did an amazing job and water balloons in each one and they just blended it in when my scalp and they felt like they were real breasts that would imagine. And. Everybody wanted to feel my breasts on my head and sometimes I'd be talking to somebody and this happened more often than not I have to excuse me my eyes are down here down here. And at the end of the day, when they took them off, I was like I was invisible. Nobody cared about me all of a sudden. It's amazing. I mean, I get it now. I get it. Right. So that was just one of the 13 roles. It was one of the 13 roles. Then I played, you know, happy Gilmore, I played the guru on the green harness the good, blocked the bat. Send the ball home happy, the bags are packed, circular, but the quarter end goes around and

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