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A couple of ducks reach milestones in the team's win over the capital Sunday night before the game hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had number twenty seven retired. He kept the team to it's only Stanley Cup in two thousand seven. He's also the ninth player in the NHL history to have his number retired by two teams, the devils retired number back in twenty eleven and goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice after two months making twenty three saves against the capitals giving him three hundred seventy five career wins. That makes him the all time wins leader by a US board goaltender breaking. It's high with John Vanbiesbrouck Miller called it a nice moment saying when he was growing up watching hockey that'd be s-. Brooke was definitely a goalie. He looked up to. Suing Trump, I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute attorneys general in sixteen states, including California and the ACL your sui, President Trump to overturn his emergency declaration along the border with Mexico. California attorney general says Trump's declaration is unconstitutional. The president now is proposing to take billions of dollars of funding from our states to use it to construct a border wall, which congress would not willing to fund the way. He's like, meanwhile, the Trump administration cancels nine hundred twenty nine million dollars in transportation funding for California. Now that governor Gavin Newsom rejected plans to build a high-speed rail line from Los Angeles to San Francisco department of transportation says the state should also repay the two point five billion dollars. It spent on the project which has been plagued by cost overruns and years of delays Newsom calls repayment, demand political retribution by Trump for his state filing suit against him. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news back in a moment with Amazon music of voices. All you need. Alexa,.

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