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One is in there. Got him looking. Contreras is gone. He's coming off of a great start at San Francisco. The first place giants out there in the National League West, who've been playing really good baseball this year. We're looking some of the numbers pregame folks. And just surprisingly, you talk about O P s. You talk about home runs the Giants a lot of times in the past. Their success was based off of just ridiculous pitching in bullpen. That run prevention Yes. Yes, and and not, you know, offensive production and they're getting all of it. Yeah, they lead the NL in runs per game. Here's the pitch and the Cubs All star Kris Bryant takes a strike as Kim early on has been intent on working the outside corner. Alfonso Marquez been calling strikes three fielders on the left side of second. It gives you one. Swing and a roller foul of third. Oh, Willie Harris. Tried to kick it, and then it bounced up and hit him in the face. Hmm. Willie has so much energy. And it's so much fun right now. If we had a microphone down there, we would be treated to them wearing him out. The 02 outside and low. Do you know how Willie and I are connected? Tell me. You don't know this is great, folks. This is really good. There's something that John Bookshop doesn't know. I know. Willie Harris is from Caro, Georgia, the same hometown as Jackie Robinson. I want to swing at a ground ball the middle to his left the young not able to make the play under his glove and into center. It will be a base hit for Kris Bryant. They had to shift on, but he hit it hard enough to get it between Carpenter into young. Well, that's one thing about it defensively young. I mean, if he gets his hands on it if it's Within a step or two Pretty good there that time moving to his left, Baldies went right under his glove. That's a miss would've been a tough play to get Kris Bryant, who is an excellent base runner, but that's just a mess. Offensively. But the connection Chris Singleton, a young Chris Singleton was traded for an even younger Willie Harris from the Chicago White Sox to the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles received really hear this. Wow. Yeah, Don't think you've ever told me that here's the pitch to Rizzo and that's outside Ball one. Anthony at 2 47 10 homers 33 knocked in the lefties have not been a problem for him. 3 48 with a couple of home runs against the southpaws. It's gonna be a little intimidating for lefties. Just how he stands on top of the plate for one. Oh, Is in for a strike. Absolutely. Where do I go? Were to what? Because Anthony Rizzo is a big guy and standing on top of the plate. If you go to work away, I mean, he can reach that. Cover it and pull it. Yeah. I mean, it shrinks the plate for Those pictures, at least in their minds. Pinch swaying in the line drives slicing out into left center Field Falls three hit. Boehner will pick it up, but about Rizzo with a single to aboard in one out back to back base hits. Well, couple things. They're buggin from a base running perspective. Kris Bryant, who is in my opinion, one of the better base runners in all of baseball hamstring, bothering him a little bit with the ball in front of him. Also Understanding. Harrison Bader is a really good center fielder. He's got a good arm. He gets to the ball. I think if it's a different center fielder, and if Kris Bryant doesn't have any issues in his legs, he's probably on third base right now. Yeah. So one down runners at 1st and 2nd. The batter is hot here by it is he has a team leading 21 homers, campfires and that is outside bias hitting 2 33 the on base percentage. Is to 81 that's well below league average. I mean, major league average and on base this year is 3 15. So it is low but hobbies a guy there's a lot of swing and miss. Not a lot of walk. One always outside and it's two nothing. He has been walking a bit more lately, and you just wonder how you know just mentally emotionally. Psychologically, all of the above some of these players that Jed Hoyer Cubs. GM has announced that hey, probably going to be sellers and buy as a free agent after this season, no coming into the season. Too old. Swang in a miss. Well, look, the guys hitting 234 are there Big three the core Bryant Rizzo bayous, and they're all free agents at the end of the year. Those are the guys the spotlight was on him in spring training. It's still on Mhm and one of those things where I'm sure to some degree each time they come out play a game here, especially at Wrigley Field. They're wondering, Hey, I might not do this much anymore. Just one is cut on chopped off the plate out to second collected by Carpenter. He steps on the bag for one on the first. It's a double play, Baez chopped it off the plate. Carpenter waited, took it in its second. Stepped on the base fired the first and it's a 43 inning ending double play. End of 11. Nothing Cardinals lead the Cubs. This is Major league baseball on ESPN Radio and ESPN. The Midsummer Classic 2021 Major League Baseball All Star Game. He's the most remarkable and most exciting player in the game right now. Shohei Otani Aaron Judge in Black Guerrero lead the American League. They will face Fernando tattoos junior Freddie Freeman. Ronald Acuna Jr. 2021 Major League Baseball All Star Game coverage begins Tuesday at seven Eastern on ESPN Radio and on the ESPN APP presented by credit Karma. Syrian award. And now a small business. Setback is assessed by a family pediatrician. Oh,.

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