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Because today I want to thank you, miss Fine. You're that everyday be you're nothing by other teenage Russian spy. Russian spy. That was a big problem back in the early sixties. Is she a friend of Trump's to you would fall in love with a teenage girl? And then you would learn. Oh, you're a Russian spy dog gone it again again. Yeah, I hate when that happens, quit falling in love with Russian spies. It's Trump's buddies of the Rue skis. You know, the only reason I even got elected, they tell me now they attacking our pipeline running. You know the good stuff up to the Northeast Mars Northeasterners. They're important folks. They need their petroleum products in the pipeline, and it's just not right in that interesting You can hack a pipeline. But they know they don't want to go bother to check and see if the election was hacked. We'll know a lot of not a lot of those. I know this isn't about the election. But ah lot of those voting terminals were connected to the Internet. You're telling me that doesn't interest you don't know? No, not a bit. The cyber A cyberattack shut down. A major oil pipeline has been carried out by a gang that is known to extort corporations and give a cut of the ransom's charity, they claimed. Is that still happening? I guess so. Be like day four. It's called the The group is called the Dark Side. I'll bet you anything won't They called it the work the dark side dog side. I don't like the sound of that. Why not? Would you like They're trying to put some blame on a particular group of people? We know what a deal I guarantee It's white kids. Hell, yeah, and I bet they're really young, European or Russian. I don't know. I probably American. I mean, it could be Russian. It's possible American kids wouldn't do nothing like that, unless they was influenced by a bad element. Yeah. Risky. Yeah. The colonial pipeline, which carries more than 100 Colonial. Why, what? What? What's wrong? We need to change the name of that. Why does that make you uncomfortable that That's not racist. That's the systemic racism right there. Claudio Pipeline carries more than 100 million gallons of fuel from Texas to the Northeast each day. And it's been out of service since Friday. I bet this is a surprise because a lot of lefty liberal types didn't even know there was a pipeline there. Oh, but they sure enjoy it. What it brings them. I thought we shut down the pipeline. So I guess this means another reason. Gas need to go up a price again. Oh, it's going out is going up, No matter what the least they got a reason. Now, most people probably know I ran somewhere is right. They installed software in the server system for the pipeline will agree to take it out for cops. Um, for some money? Yeah. And it is paralyzed the company's networks. They're demanding a large ransom to undo the damage. Almost. They won't. Um, let's see. It doesn't specifically say in this report. Ah lot. I guess So. Did they try to work him down on the price? A little bit. Good negotiator. Negotiate, man. Come on, come on. Let's talk. Let's talk over the deal. You know you want a certain amount and will only pay a certain amount, So let's see what we can do. Let's see here. Cyber extortion attempts in the U. S. Had become a A death by 1000 cuts phenomenon in the past year, and that's the change. The thing with attacks, forcing delays in cancer treatment in hospitals, interrupting schools, paralyzing police. Why is it a Chinese thing? The death of 1000 cuts? Yes, that's kind of their thing. Yeah, the Communist like that. Tulsa, Oklahoma this week became the 32nd state or local government in America to come under ransomware attack and average ransoms paid in the U. S jumped nearly threefold. More than $310,000 last year. Wow. That's a lot of money. In the meantime, have you all seen how busy my man 50 Cent God finish? It is all over this town. He moved to Houston and Lord, he busy. I mean, I've seen him from the Astrodome over to the Gulf Gate. He standing outside of almost every business in this town. Those air means Mr out. No, they don't. They don't mean other By no means. I mean, I mean, yes, It's a photo shop. Yeah, Someone took an image of mist of 50 cents. It's like somebody photoshopped us with 57 here. Look at that. Oh, hell, no. See that He didn't stay in the next two young. No, No, he didn't. That's the point. He didn't go to Gulf Gate Mall or Kelly's country cooking for breakfast, probably either, but that's where I've seen him. 50 Cent moved to Houston and you took a photo of himself out in front of the Astrodome. And the captured said. I moved to Houston. I'll explain later. But does anyone really need an explanation as to why? No, I don't think so. You understand. If you live in Houston, a half a million dollars will buy you a mansion with a swimming pool in some parts of Houston. Sure, if you live in New York City, a half a million dollars will buy you an 800 square foot apartment. Right? So I think it's probably pretty obvious why he moved here. It is interesting time and that they had the international wine competition for the rodeo, too. Big party last night. Or Saturday nights on this weekend, and, you know, of course, they made the decisions way back in. I guess November last year, and I told you about this before y'all didn't pay no attention to me. You remember me telling you about 50 Cents? Champagne? Uh, he has a champagne. It's called the Oh, it's Luke. Sorry. It's Lou. Help me with that. I don't think you're allowed to technical college champagne unless it's from the champagne from champagne, Jack fetuses. I told you all this and you don't listen, a word of that he went over there. He studied about champagne and France and whatnot. It's a It's called. Let's shaman Do look, um before it's a showman, Do Roy. It's a brute of a champagne, too. That means this big and bold. I guess it won the Reserve grand champion Best of show at the Houston Rodeo, and they know about some wine because that's a big international competition. Y'all So they've been. He's been here a week and he's already won an award. I'll have been doing this for a while. No, but people brought the wines and champagnes and stuff in from all over the world. That's what international competition means. They brought him over here from New Zealand, Africa, Oregon all kind of crazy places. Okay, exactly, but he's just lived here for a week. Now, when he already got an award, he'd be back and forth a lot because they got his stuff. It's specs. Oh, is that right? So he'd be coming around making appearances. The stuff. I told you all about this. You don't listen a word I say. But now, I guess you see who was on the inside. Who knew? He also got that cognac to remember me telling you about that, for some reason when you told us about 50 cents alcohol, we weren't that interested in. But now all the sudden it's a message of show. Well, now it's a local flavor. That's right. Well, yeah, local man, and he's not wearing a cowboy hat. What's the ruling on that? He's wearing the cowboy Photoshopped that on him to? No, No, he's wearing a cow picture that they they're shopping around. He's wearing an Astros hat standing in front of the Astrodome, so they Plucked him out from in front of the Astrodome and put him everywhere else..

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