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If you're traveling on 66 both ways Between 1 23 and the Beltway lanes go from 4 to 3 along the left side that lane shift. That's where your main lays There are their north down 29 that was near Vic Hill Road. We had the left lane block for the crash activity there. Also on the Prince Win Parkway eastbound after Richfield Road. The crash before Old Bridge Road, maybe under police direction South bound on the George Washington Parkway after the key bridge right Lane is blocked for the work zone. They're topside of the Beltway on the group after Connecticut Avenue crash along the rights are completely on the right shoulder with onlooking glaze. South down to 70. You had the crash after 18 have been along the right side for traveling in this point, aka Ke Indian Head Highway sound found near Livingston Road. Understand the crash was reported there. Please use caution. North bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway near Powder Mill Road We have the crash reported may be blocking at least one lane north down on the BW Parkway past 1 97. Still, with the tree work along the left side of the road wave, traveling otherwise or mood 50 across the Bay Bridge. Three lanes are open in the westbound direction and running with the delay there. Otherwise in the district. Sound down D c. Tu 95. This is before Benning Road. We had the left lane block one broken down, traveling north down in the third Street Tunnel near New York Avenue. Getting the first report of a craft, so please use caution. If you're traveling in the area Silver, Dina has what you want and how you want it. You dine in or under their covered patio, or have your meal delivered to your home Silver diner has you covered Order today at silver diner dot com. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p. Traffic, not a storm Team four meteorologist Lord Ricky. We're staying dry this.

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