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A closer relationship with the eu than many of our cabinet desired but a proposal that number ten hopes will be taken seriously iran the eu a step towards and longterm relationship that guards the economy but established as some new degree of freedom after a period of conflicts the prime minister tried last night to call time on public spats brexit here ministers who had rattled the cage where subdued by majority view grumbles were expressed at check offers yes but no alternative compelling vision was put forward for theresa may this could mark the beginning of a collective push for what she believes is a better and realistic deal but she knows well that eurosceptics in her party are likely to make trouble and the european union almost inevitably will drive a hard bargain but the cabinet that gathered last night gave her overwhelming permission to move forward in a way of her choosing it was for once an occasion when theresa may's cabinet was able to agree the german emmy elma brock who sits on the brexit steering group of the european parliament told us he wasn't sure whether the eu would exempt mrs maes plan is looks like that l goods capital services at people and it takes out one and conditions as it would britain member of the german market folkerts we've always said all freedoms and especially also that you have to pay money for the internal market as for example norway sweden to the shadow international trade secretary barry gardner said the real test of the plan was whether it would lead to a good trade deal with europe there is a danger i think that this is a lowest common denominator plan that's really being constructed to hold the cabinet together rather than to secure the strong negotiating position that we need with the eu that will create jobs that will create growth in in our economy england take on sweden at the world cup today seeking a place in the semi finals for the first time in twenty eight years for the winners match against rochereau croatia will be all that stands between them and the final this afternoon's game is in the russian city of samara from where al football correspond john murray reports gareth southgate says that in life you've got to take opportunities when they're there and this tournament has presented his england team with a chance to reach the last four to world cup for the first time since.

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