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Vacation snow starts to look at. And then get back on a plane. Nancy hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time, twelve oh. Wait, traffic and weather together on the eighth series. Neil fiorito. Bob Dole worries on the ins in either direction. The inbound side of the Kennedy. That's fine. Twenty minutes in from O'Hare. It's ten off the Edens. He especially is closed off until five two right lanes or down to between Lawrence and the junction until five AM heading out. You're in good shape now to left. Lanes closed approaching earning park until five AM the O'Hare extension. I ninety overnight construction where you're left lane is blocked off between Bessie Coleman and the Kennedy and that wraps up at five AM as well. The Eisenhower moves well, just twenty nine minutes. Either way you go between route three ninety and downtown the Stevenson's thirty minute ride in both directions. Between the veterans tollway lakeshore drive just twenty back and forth between the tristate and the drive fifty five movie. Well in both directions through will county. The Dan Ryan in fifteen minutes from ninety fifth fifteen out as well. I fifty seven straight just a fifteen minute ride either way between eighty and the Dan Ryan fifteen minutes in both directions along the Bishop Ford freeway as well lakeshore drive is in the clear on the tollways. Tri-state northbound okay for now there is overnight road work continues to knock out three left lanes between I eighty and one hundred fifty nine that wraps up at four this morning. The Jane Addams the Reagan the veterans toll all movie, well, so is route fifty three no worries on route three nine. Ninety in either direction eighty as clear as eighty ninety four and I sixty five the Indiana toll, you expect those roadwork delays continue in both directions between Indianapolis boulevard and the West Point toll plaza it traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes. News Radio seven hundred and we'll five four partial clearing this morning, but cold low twenty nine degrees, and we can expect sunshine.

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