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Ben Rothlisberger is number one trubisky's number two. Drew Brees third pretty far behind them. But he had a great game. And. Wilson was was four and Baker Mayfield was five so far pretty low scoring day at quarterback, I guess only four quarterbacks with more than thirty fantasy points getting used about seven or so, but a lot of good performances. I think there's a clear storyline in the top five quarterbacks. Russell Wilson gamble. Roethlisberger trubisky. Breeze. Wilson Nathan would you say about oh ninety two rushing yards? That's nice ninety two rushing yards nine times. He ran the ball. He had I believe. Now forty percent of his rushing yards for the season came this week. And he had forty last week. Didn't he? That sounds right. Hi last week. So this week as well two in a row. That's a great sign. Yeah. Wilson's great the storyline. I was going for was breeze through twenty five passes. You know? And he was awesome. He was a may twenty to twenty five hundred sixty five yards and three touchdowns. And I can't sit here and say sell ju- breeze. He's got road games doesn't throw that much anymore with Mark Ingram because he's just incredible. I would say you got a little bit lucky. If you started Brees this week. I mean a little Thurs score thirty four points. You know? So well the first Michael Thomas touchdown was not a touchdown. And would not have been ruled a touchdown by majority of -ficiating. Yeah. I thought that was pretty weak. All these these second touchdown Mark Ingram. Caught a swing past thirty yard line. Made a phenomenal spin move to three to get into the end zone. But isn't that bad luck? Or is that just having great players around him. I mean, that's part of it. It's part of it. But if he throws twenty-five passes, and as this type of day on a normal basis, you're not expect anywhere close to the type of finish points that it got you through for two hundred sixty five yards on twenty five peasants. That's great. Very good. He ran went into the sneak. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Dave breaking news. Sources toll NFL network's Ian Rapoport that Rams receiver Cooper cough has a torn ACL eleven MRI tomorrow, but Sharma face it. It was not good. This is a. This is bad news for fantasy owners. Adam Cooper Cup looks like he will be done for the year. Yeah. The thing is I feel like it's bad news for only Cooper Cup owners. I always hate reacting to these injuries. Because it's like so emotionless like, it sucks. That Cooper Cup is out. He's a really exciting player. But from a fantasy standpoint. It's it's. I think offs fine. Right. I mean, gulfs fine. The interesting thing is the last last week against the saints. And we talked about them versus tight ends last week against the saints. Their tight ends had ninety yards combined this week. The Rams tight ends. Both scored a touchdown. They're tied ins may be a little bit relevant moving forward, especially this week against the chiefs. We could use them the way the tight end position is right now, they're not going to be relevant. The second. You think they're going to be relevant. They're going to solve the bigger problem is that Tyler plays a lot, but barely gets targets and Jearl Everett doesn't play a lot gets more targets in Tyler higby. They're going to be a mess, but by weeks ago, they will be interesting options, especially since they're headed toward a game against Kansas City. That's probably going to total hundred points. And you're adding Josh Renton, deeply, let's take a look at quarter at running back leaderboard running back Nick Chubb is number one is non Christian McCaffrey number two. Although finish number one in PR. David Johnson three Aaron Jones and the Shawn McCoy. Hey, did it. I predicted his first rushing to the jets are at topos fire tomorrow. Both prediction. I think people are crossing their fingers on that any who shove McCaffrey David Johnson Aaron Jones Shawn McCoy heath. Yeah. I don't know what the story. I mean, dick job was awesome. But we've talked a lot about David David Johnson. Twenty-one carries ninety eight yards and a touchdown. Seven catches eighty five yards and a touchdown. Big game. His usage was better. They got him outside just a little bit more. I hesitate to get to excited because it was the chiefs. This is the best matchup for running backs. It's the juice and if not them then it's the raiders who he plays next week. Yeah..

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