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We cannot. Necesary Christie's visit Christie's dot come to find out more about the world's leading auction sincerity sixty six. Private sale online art. Hello. It's the weekend I'm Ben League this week. Arson Social Media Now the votes gone digital house did engage with Lindsay's online. We speak to the so-called King of museum means to find out. No Museum or Gallery in the twenty first century can be without the various social media platforms to amplify its message and increasingly to deliver exclusive content to growing global audiences. This week we speak to Adam Khazari, who's in charge of the raw academy in London social media channels and created numerous viral moments there and elsewhere we also speak to the US born London based artists Rita Keegan who had it not been for the corona virus would currently have a show at the south London gallery. What's it like as an artist to have a major moment in your career, but on hold and in the latest Naseer is lonely works in which we split up behind the doors museum closed due to Covid Nineteen Judy Peyton Jones talks about Leonardo Davinci's during a cloudburst of material possessions also known as the reign of tools from about fifteen six to fifteen twelve. Before that a reminder that you can sign up to the newspapers free daily newsletter for all the latest stories go to the art newspaper, Dot. Com and the newsletter. Link is at the top right of the page. And while you're there, you can also sign up for a monthly newsletter..

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