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Or facing a third down whether we're third and fourth third native in a couple of occasions third and eleven. The charges were always finding a way to get themselves a first down. So when you take a look at the numbers so far through two weeks where again. Twenty fifth in yards last season. There were number two seventeenth and points and low points aloun last season. There were fourth thirtieth in third down convergence last season there were six. So it's about time right. Now start having those guys show up and do some things what you which unit is going to be. Best on sunday we'll determine who's gonna win the football game. We're not looking for tyler. Panicky and terry maclaurin and those guys to win the football game forum. Especially if we're going to have josh allen give back to some type of resemblance of what he was last season and that often for buffalo picking up again not jumping to prime time buffalo but In terms of seeing some type of improvement in that offense wendell's world in sports. I'm your host window wallace so glad that you could be with us speaking about what's happening speaking about what's going down in the nfl. The green bay packers are backed. Are they back to being legitimate super bowl contenders and don't know took the second half of the detroit. Lions game to resemble anything close to the team that went on to win their division and went onto their conference championship game. Aaron jones had four touchdown. Three of them receiving devante adams had over one hundred and eighty yards the offense of unit for green bay. It's still a working progress. New starters for the five offensive line positions Barkley ari is out with an injury. It's gonna take some time the defense For the packers hasn't been a defensive player on green bay hadn't has got the sack yet. Still the packers only sack was the team sack. After jared goff detroit lions. Jared goff last monday fumbled without contact so so far. We're looking at a defensive unit in green bay who still have recorded the sackett. So they're going to be planning to san francisco not the same team that went thirteen three and went to the super bowl and had a wide open. Missed opportunity pass from garoppolo in the late in the fourth quarter to a half the great opportunity. The win that game. But you know we'll we'll see it's going to be interesting to see defense in san francisco that actually mauled destroyed beat up kicked around pumped. The green bay packers a few years ago not only in the nfc championship game but also that season in the regular season. We'll we'll see how that team performed the running back game the running back situation speaking about san francisco complete notre mess ally mitchell out trae sermon out je michael hasty hasty out all dealing with injuries. They're waiting is firm the mitchell to see if they're going to play but raheen mozart he's gonna be out for the season so the only running backs san francisco is used. All season are either out or severely injured so deebo samuel is the only guy as far as the forty niners offices concern is really doing anything. Through two games fifteen receptions two hundred eighty two yards one touchdown. the other receivers crest sherfield muhammadu.

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