United States, House Intelligence Committee, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The way i'm just curious have he was receiving email on his private server let me continue he later made his way back to hong kong after being questioned by fbi agents in 2013 it's unclear why mr lead decided a risk arrest by coming to the united states this month in the bucks the agents found mr lead written down details about meetings between cia informants and undercover agents as well as their real names and phone numbers according to court papers prosecutors said material in the bucks reflected the same information containing classified cables that mr lee at written while at the agency in the story goes on this is really quite horrific because patriots heroes people who are assisting the united states were executed some of them are now in gulags being tortured now here's my question i have a lot of questions tonight here's my question do we have a senate intelligence committee two of the house intelligence committee what is the main focus of these committees the president of the united states there is no collusion whatsoever and yet how many man hours she's me how many people hours how many people hours has the senate intelligence committee and has the house intelligence committee spent on investigating the president of the united states and the phony collusion issue moreover how many people hours has the senate intelligence committee spent investigating this how many people hours has the house intelligence committee spent investigating this this is an enormous problem for the united states china listen to me china is our enemy china is our enemy they are stealing our technology there are stealing our weapons technology they're stealing everything they can from us it's not that this is such a great society that they developed these things on their own and they're executing our informants and the best the united states damn congress can dose investigate the president for a phony issue day after day week after week montclair them out pretty bad don't you think but that's not all we have from the chinese government politica not politico is a left wing cook website except every now and then there is a worthwhile store i don't know what happens it slips by the editor i guess justice so much slips by the editor at the.

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