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And four on the season. Before we get to the zags, please enlighten us as your Saturday column did on how rare it is for a first year coach to be as successful as Tommy Lloyd is being this season at Arizona. Happy Valentine's Day, buddy. Happy Valentine's Day. You actually and you threw me, I got thrown for a quick loop. I don't know why I thought this, but I don't know in my brain when you logged on here for this podcast, I thought you were going to be in New York City, but you're flying later today. Yes. You're not there yet. Listen, I'm just twisted. My wife, God bless her. She's like, you know what? Just go and get me flowers, just get an assortment and that's all you need to do for me that's fine. I did a little something else on the side, but anyway, this morning, I had to get it done before we podcasts, so I show up to this florist and my man. Oh my goodness. 30 guys in that thing. I got back in time for this podcast. But Super Bowl Sunday would just, I don't know. Things got away from me. I'm rocking my humphreys McGee winter hat and apparently they played in Connecticut a few nights ago and two different guys and they're like, dude, were you at the show? Were you at the show? I do love me some Humphries. What's not at the show? And so they want to be talking about the set list and their gluten cat and all this stuff. Like 7 people know when I'm referencing anyway, the point is I was in such a squeeze. I was like, well, at least GP will be good to go because he's the New York City and then you're not you're at home. So anyway, hope you gotta understand. And these aren't even sponsors, perhaps they should be. Flowers dot com. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cherries berries. You just one night, you sitting around two weeks ago, watching basketball, you do the online order, it'll arrive on February 14th. And you saved. Now you do have to pay a little bit more. It's gonna cost you a little bit more. But how much extra money would you pay this morning to not have to do that this morning? That's a fair point, although I did, you know, I go to this floor. I've never been this spot before. It's a great spot. Actually a sizable building for a florist. I gotta be honest. And I picked all the flowers and then the bill comes up. I'm like, we sure about that. We sure about that price there. And sure enough, no, it's accurate. Very accurate. But happy Valentine's Day to everyone listening happy Valentine's to GP. And here we are. We are off and rolling on a rare Monday morning podcast. Yes, that's right. So anyone that came by that can't get to Sunday episodes. Welcome to a Monday, a.m. show. As for your question off the top with Arizona. So this is gonna be a trivia time for the listeners at home because I know GPR knows this because it was in my column. If you haven't read my column, you won't know the answer. So play along at home. Trivia time for the listeners is this and I will tell you the answer at the end of the segment. Tommy Lloyd right now has a team that is number two in multiple metrics, both predictive and results based Arizona has a great shot as we speak right now at getting a number one seat. They rolled Washington over the weekend, one 92 to 68. And with the 22 and two record right now, Arizona isn't a really good spot. And I think what Tommy Lloyd is doing here is up for legitimate consideration for national coach of the year, obviously he'd be on the short list. But if he can get Arizona to the one line on selection Sunday, which we are now less than a month away from, by the way, we are less than a month away from selection Sunday. He would become just the third coach in history to get a number one seat in his first season as a head coach period. Not first season with the program. No, first season ever as a head coach, only two other people have done it. You can play along internally. I'll let you know who the other two people were in just a little bit here. So Arizona at this point, I know you don't have them second overall, but my column basically said, Arizona has a very convincing case to be a top two team in the sport right now because of what they've been able to do. If you look at the metrics right now, they are fourth in torvik, but they are second in Ken palm. They were second in the net as of yesterday. Obviously, still are. So second in the net. Second is drink the record, second in camp, second and sagarin, second and BPI, they are fourth and KPI and they are fourth at torvik. So Arizona has a viable case. The only two losses on the road, Tennessee, UCLA, not only are those they were ranked teams when they played them ranked teams now viable, comfortable high seated NCAA tournament teams, Tommy Lloyd's been able to do has been outstanding. I don't want to say it's been overlooked Paris, 'cause it has not been overlooked. I mean, damn, I just wrote a damn column about it over the weekend, but at this point, I would have Tommy Lloyd national coach of the year. I say this as someone who's going to go see another prime candidate for that on Tuesday night with that coolie. I see what Bruce pearl is done. But because Tommy Lloyd just became a head coach, just took over this program, has his team sitting on the one line and per more metrics than not the second best team in the sport to Gonzaga. I would have him, again, this has ever so narrowly narrowly ahead of Bruce pearl and then head of Ed Cooley, but what he's done there has been well beyond expectation last point here. Because I think it can sometimes be easy just to think like, oh yeah, well, you know, they were going to have a good team that had a good roster. This team wasn't that great last season when they had Sean Miller and they had the postseason ban and they were not a rank group heading into the season. They were expected to be good, top three top four in the PAC 12, but not top 5 in the country good. What Tommy Lloyd's been able to do with this roster with this talent to get Arizona back in the mix of national relevance caught by status is pretty awesome. They did finish 29th at Kim palm last season under Sean Miller. I think we've talked about this before. They were a good team last season. We just never discussed them really or focused on the much because they weren't going to play in the NCA tournament. I don't want to say they were all people's radar, but we don't spend a lot of time talking about teams that aren't going to the NCAA tournament. But they finished 29th and then they returned azules to Bellas, bin Mather and Kirk, Christian colloquial. They returned 5 of their top 9 scores..

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