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Head down the backstretch under is finally Friday distance Antonio's first news well the house Judiciary Committee will vote today on the articles of impeachment against president trump after their marathon fourteen hour session last night they planned to return this morning and we will keep you updated all morning long with special reports on what the status is right of what's happening with the vote but before we get to all the fun stuff we got going on here it is it is Friday the thirteenth but it is also the holiday season so let's focus on something positive how about some great things that happened on Friday the thirteenth okay for instance the first heavy metal album was released Black Sabbath first album came out Friday February thirteenth nineteen seventy which many consider the official birth of heavy metal it reached number twenty three on the Billboard two hundred and Rolling Stone magazine considers it one of the best debut albums of all time and I tend to agree with Rolling Stone magazine it is a fantastic album we got to play Super Mario brothers for the first time video game Super Mario brothers released in Japan on Friday September thirteenth nineteen eighty five it made its way to the America's shortly after that I know chair you are big fan yeah I'd go to the U. center at Randolph Air Force base just to get in line and sign up on the sheet to play and children back then it was only a quarter remember that a bunch of birthdays happened on Friday the thirteenth for instance the Olsen twins born on Friday the thirteenth Julia Louis Dreyfus born on Friday the thirteenth studio Sammy born on Friday thirteenth Christopher Plummer Friday the thirteenth rocker born on Friday the thirteenth and no Alfred Hitchcock was not born on Friday the thirteenth a lot of people that rumors been around for ever he was born on August thirteenth eighteen ninety nine which was a Sunday so it was the thirteenth it just was not a Friday and the most important thing is the last day before the weekend and all Fridays are special it's the last working day of the week so whether it's the thirteenth fourteenth whatever it is Friday something to celebrate all right we've been playing this game all morning long on what is your bowl game name is similar to the porn name member the porn name your favorite dog in the street you grew up on so I would be ruthless west line you would be harvest rusty Hussey harvest which I'm sorry that sounds like a real porn names and so we went and here's how it works the last restaurant you went to the last item you purchased followed by the word ball so we got some good ones recapping for you real quick here Beller mito the water burger socks ball I like telling like it I will go to that one rand the fifty fourth street hoodie bowl which I think has their start something that's a Broadway Jeff to Mister Gatti's printer ink ball that's expensive ones pan the chatters Lotto ticket ball Eric had the longhorn cafe trailer ball which we like that one a lot want to tell get going yeah he had a really good one the free tell basketball ball I could see that like is it have tended to boil a charity basketball there you go I like it Megan was the Chiles slippers bowl I am the last Laguna's does excuse ball which it look let's just face it that's all that's got fun written all over yeah party time yeah Michael telco was such a poll a bagel ball we had Jamie Martin I like hers allied to the ill Mirasol scooter bowl I'll tell you what that she's fat that I like it there we had ed who emailed it in March it W. O. A. I. dot com outback coffee bowl now the last two that I'm gonna give you might be my favorite ones here then wait for these all morning long way Kenneth the last poll opposite vodka bowl okay and then another one here Mike the water burger with people who has a nice ring to it I can get behind that went by that time all rights are coming up your weekend here warm before we get your son had any morning minute and it's a good one plus science.

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