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Benza ranco the senior research economist at IF IFS at 7 30 this morning on that very story. The FD has some details on trust is planned to take the Bank of England to ask. Yes, indeed, so trust is facing an early fight with a Bank of England should she succeed in becoming the prime minister. Now this is according to the FT Alex, as you said, the paper said she is vowed to press ahead with plans to give ministers powers to overrule regulations of the financial sector if they are seen to hold back a post Brexit reforms. The plan was originally proposed by her rival Rishi sunak so this is a rare agreement before the two and trust also questioned the BOE's use of quantitative easing as its impact and its impact on and inflation. We have seen that route between her and Andrew Bailey kind of on the sidelines but Bailey is of course saying no, the BOE is an institution that needs to be protected. And as well as Leanne, you have been looking at Serena Williams on the front pages of some of the newspapers this morning. Yeah, she's on a lot of the front pages and on the times today she's with her daughter Olympia as she posed on the tennis court and she says I'm evolving not retiring and those are her words so 23 time Grand Slam singles winner and she's also one of the greatest ever athletes has hinted the U.S. open may be her last tournament. She was writing in Vogue and the champion said she's moving towards other things that are just more important to her now. You know, she's been chasing Margaret court's all time record of 24 Grand Slam singles titles and it breaks my heart that she hasn't quite made it because I'm a massive fan of tennis and I feel like Serena Williams, she revolutionized tennis in so many ways. I remember I'm not far off her age. I'm not going to reveal. In fact, remember switching on the TV one day and seeing Serena Williams and she had amazing jewelry on and great clothes and I think the excitement she brought to tennis and the way she's transformed the game has just been absolutely exceptional. So thank you to Serena Williams for being an absolute great. Okay, and those are where have you seen the best version of that photo? Times I think one of them today. Yeah, the bit. There's lots of lovely photos I love the one of her with her daughter who joined her on the tennis court when she won a Grand Slam and she has the medal, but also she looks great in Vogue, Serena Williams. She looks amazing, both have done an absolute justice. So impressive in so many ways. Okay, Leanne Garrett, thank you very much for taking us through all of the newspapers. This is Bloomberg. Markets

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