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Am with your guest host richard serra and we are into the home stretch where did the night go groucho marx said time flies like an arrow fruit flies like a banana i wanted to finish up on the the story i began off the top sort of teeing up some potential topics for our open line segment and one was the idea that you might receive a telephone call from a deceased person and i was recounting my experience when my good friend and partner arguing patterson died await died last may and the last conversation we had i thought was on the friday the friday night but he died friday night at about six o'clock late friday afternoon but he said a couple of things that in hindsight seemed very strange one of them was because it was the friday before the memorial day weekend i said gary have a great memorial day have a great memorial weekend and i said are you going to have a barbecue because that's what you do and gary was very laid back and easy going fellow an this was the first time i'd ever heard him so emphatic he said to me in this is like one of the last things he said he said there will be no barbecue i thought to myself what the what's that all about it i just touch a nerve or something he's having a disagreement with somebody so i went down for the funeral down to just outside of knoxville and go in i pay my respects my old pal and one of the family members of standing there by the casket and i went up and express my condolences introduced myself and i said i gotta tell you something i thought was kind of strange i said the last thing that gary said to me was rather emphatically when i asked him are you having a barbecue he said no there will be no barbecue and the family members said well that's kind of odd because that friday blast dave is life he he went out and he spent about five hundred dollars a brand new barbecue and he was putting it together on his back porch so did he call me from beyond to tell me there would be no barbecue because he wouldn't be around i.

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